How the Universe was Created


Donut Atom Nuclear StoryWhat is gravity?
What is magnetism?

How do these familiar physical forces relate to the intangible spiritual force called “life”?

This book expands on concepts of physics as described by Dr. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. The author explores the material and metaphysical dimensions embedded in the universe. Impossible to detect with technical instruments, the invisible Life Force is only found on earth, and nobody knows how it is embedded inside the atom.

A Donut Atom Nuclear Story is Herbert Stollorz’s sixth Babushka concept book to answer questions not found in university libraries. This remarkable book series discusses scientific mysteries that are not explained by conventional approaches. The author uses plain language and everyday analogies that include ancient documents like the Bible. The symbiotic relationship between matter and energy was originally formulated mathematically by Dr. Albert Einstein in E=mC². Many invisible forces exist like gravity, but scientists can only study them indirectly by measuring their effects. Important questions remain unanswered regarding magnetism: exactly how electricity is formed inside a wire loop passing through a magnetic field, for example.

Donut and AtomPhysics now makes more rational sense than what was explained to the author years ago at Stanford. Einstein’s formula is now expanded one notch higher by the new Donut Atom model explained in this book. This unusual atom concept is totally new to science. The Donut Atom model has proton-neutrinos moving on the inside around a central “donut hole” at the speed of light, which produces gravity. When the force is squeezed sideways repelling a positive charged moving proton, it produces magnetism conforming to the three finger electrical rule.

That opens the question, “Where does the energy come from to explain why the electrons circle endlessly around the nuclear ball?” The Donut Atom Model explains for first time how gravity and electromagnetic energy are generated and converted according to physics. It also answers the question of how life is embedded inside the atom. The hi-tech inventor’s new perspective is concisely expressed by the equation:


That is why we still see the lights on in the universe many galaxies shining brightly. It conforms to the three finger electrical rule. That opens the question: “Where does the energy come from to explain why the electrons circle endlessly around the nuclear ball?”

If you do not understand the blueprint of our existence,
you will not comprehend the house we live in.


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Donut Atom Cross SectioinTable of Contents

Pictorial Foreword -

Section 1 - A New Concept of Atomic Structure


Section 2 - Groundwork for a New Theory


Section 3 - New Model of Atomic Structure Described


Section 4 – The Atom as a Model for the Universe


Section 5 - The Mechanism Sustaining the Universe


Section 6 - Why do we have a Universe?


Section 7 - Babushka Book Concepts: 7,000 Years of History


Section 8 - Identifying the Aleph a0 (+one) Force that Controls the Universe, the Smallest Micro-Egg


Afterword -


Selected History Tables of God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Humanity


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