Section 1 -
A New Concept of Atomic Structure


For this is what the LORD says—
he who created the heavens,
he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth,
he founded it; he did not create it to be empty,
but formed it to be inhabited—
he says: "I am the LORD, and there is no other."
(Isaiah 45:18)




If we do not understand the blueprint of our existence, we will not understand the house we live in. Physicists can't stop asking questions and are the people who never grew up. One puzzle that philosophers and physicists have pondered for centuries is the riddle, "What is matter?" The Greek philosopher Democritus was the first to propose that matter is comprised of tiny "indivisibles" that he called "atoms."

The history of physics is a long and involving tale, which will not be told here. But than there are new discoveries which will throw out the previous puzzle since it is a better picture. Discovering recently that the speed of light is not constant forces us to reevaluate what Dr. Albert Einstein explained, which revolutionized science and have another look what is the mystery force gravity, magnetism and “Life” still not defined within an atom theory.

How is it created? How does a clock intelligence mechanism link with the inside of a biological cell to make it propagate according to physics?

The interaction of related mystery forces can now be explained by an extraordinary atom donut hypothesis, which investigates nuclear science from a different perspective even high school students would enjoy spelled out in simple analogies to help understanding complex molecular interaction now presented in a new atom theory.

Its conclusion leads us to how our universe was created coupled with an embedded Biblical perspective not allowed to be explained in modern universities. That presents a problem being surrounded with contemporary scientist believing in an evolution religion not based on true science and being a German writing from a foreign language not very skilled to write about new discoveries in conflict with an atheistic pagan priesthood controlling universities. Please overlook some of my deficiency but get to the core of my scientific investigation which will present one notch higher than Dr. Albert Einstein’s famous energy equation:


My new Donut Atom theory is now expanded on top of an existing nuclear model and will give us a simpler understanding how an atom might look now changed from an old-fashioned nuclear ball theory to a Donut with no electrons moving around. That new theory will explain for the first time a rational uncomplicated explanation of how gravity and magnetism is created which probably will split science opinions right down the middle.

I will investigate physics from a 360° perspective which must include the history recorded for Humanity especially quoting from a 4,000 year old Bible book not allowed and rejected by an atheistic priesthood controlling most universities. However if we want to be educated in a round about movie perspective our vision will be divided in two times 180° perspective which means we must turn around to see the invisible behind us.

In my case, I present ideas from a dual rail perspective which includes the wisdom of the Bible which is a good method one notch higher then limited tunnel vision taught in most universities for a better balanced system usually conjure only one-sided monorail opinions. Most science or even Christian religion is typically explained on a shaky monorail perspective which needs the other rail for balance. My discourse will include recent discoveries of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) code and ancient bronze-gold clock exhibited in many museums which has embedded calendars time dimension evolution scientists know nothing about.

Therefore, my discourse will include the Heh and Daleth dimension philosophy of ancient Hebrew writings now deciphered for the serious people learning about a different aspect of science linked with the Christian faith never explained. If you can not explain life, gravity or magnetism from a dual rail perspective, than you have discovered a good unified theory how the universe with all the galaxies and us included where created.

It is quite feat to condense a donut theory in 50 pages without charging money or writing elaborate expensive books and hope that a smarter person would show up and be better organized as the selection came in bits and pieces was only recently revealed to me from extraterrestrial information one page at the time. I never knew where I was going in the process until I saw the whole puzzle picture assembled at the end. I hope someone would rearrange the subject matter a little better and check it out and cross reference it with conventional true science being better educated to enjoy a journey never explained.

This new theory is again developed according to the Russian egg concept with similar ideas replicated in the next layer of a little smaller egg fitting within the bigger egg matching in color and design. Once more we will see like in previous published Russian egg books explaining concepts that even in this little mini-egg overlay of God’s Plan for Humanity rationalized from the Biblical perspective aided with science and modern technology.

It is like a dual rail road viewpoint is better balanced. Enjoy an unusual ride which may ruffle some feathers with ideas never explained in universities exposing their faulty thinking and discovering new biblical concepts never preached in church either upsetting theologian. That I am sure will widen our knowledge horizon if you can see the difference between what is true science and true religion from a Biblical perspective delineating and hopefully arriving at the truth.

Donut Atom Model Proposal

In rereading my Babushka books once more, I noticed a transformation in my own thinking over the process of writing. Being a retired hi-tech inventor, president of my own computer company and a vintner in my later years, I have come to honestly believe that God has inspired much of what I have written. Learning about various subjects that I only had scant education caused me to interrupt my comfortable lifestyle. For the past 4 years I have gotten up at 4 am in the morning to write. We are now less than one year before the Apocalypse, and true science rises in conflict with one hundred year old evolution opinions elevated to a religion in our universities.

My challenge to you will be, “Can we think from an unbiased platform and delineate between what is science from what is prejudiced evolution opinion?” My challenge encompasses some paradoxes, controversies and/or outright mistakes presented in my books. That could open new avenues of scientific and theological understanding, which would remove the greatest obstacles to understanding our world a little better.

Similar to what Galileo or Martin Luther experienced standing before an educated tribunal to try to justify their new ideas that conflicted with the establishment, I present some rather bold and striking ideas in these few pages. Time will tell, but I think the implications of my new model of atomic structure are world changing in perspective – potentially worthy of a Nobel Prize!

Whenever I read now various science magazines articles - stories on atoms & cosmos, archaeology & geology, genetics & cells, DNA & stem cells, body & brain functions, neutrinos & elements connected to rainbow spectral lines expanded to the universe – they all end up eventually blending with theology of the Bible in a way that satisfies important and serious questions about the nature of things, or why the universe is as it is, when no satisfying answers can be found in the halls of the great secular universities.

You explain to me how gravity or magnetism is manufactured and how life is embedded in atoms to differentiate an organic from an inorganic molecule? What is the essence to link society religious or scientific drive to grasp and understand for the first time? What is the Plan for Humankind from God’s perspective as embedded in the Bible?

You will find that the concepts in Babushka books are drawn from antiquity and embellished with true science. Together, this collection of concepts presented in book form represent a woven, unified fabric including ancient historical facts from humanity’s 4,000 years of recorded history as recorded in the Bible. My research exposed a continuous timeline from antiquity into the future, which is now validated. It is like choosing a dinner plate full of appetizers to satisfy our inner urge. Only then we have the freedom to decide and can pick appetizers according to our science or theological taste.

Expect to be confronted with many gross errors in our modern thinking patterns like sour grapes typically found in a biased evolution religion controlled by the academic priesthood overseeing our universities. They will not allow open discussions of many subjects like intelligence science discovered and embedded in genes not conforming to basic entropy laws and call that ignorance religion forbidden by the American government. Perhaps truth and liberty can only be found in Jail or when you where fired from your job like a high school teacher in Chicago interviewed on the evening show by Larry King to have the freedom to expresses extraordinary science ideas not controlled by atheistic government.

I have recently learned much by comparing what was written in my earlier books with what I read in several science magazine articles with their many pictures, either photographs or illustrations from computer generated graphics. Those science articles mention data that prove so many aspects of my writings. I have lost count of it all, as previously described. That is fun and exiting for me discovering more like catching fish one after another.

I know that more time and effort is required to read my books in order to understand the newly discovered HANS (Hebrew Alphabet Number System) linked to science. I compare it to a treasure hunt or like diving for pearls in the unlimited Bible Ocean. Science enables me to find Bible knowledge pearls one after another every time I dive. Check it out and widen your knowledge horizons to see more of God’s Plan as I explain science from a Godly perspective.

Use the Internet to tell me your discoveries or visit a passionate retired German inventor still inventing useful ideas could make you a millionaire if you talk some more visiting a California Mendocino vineyard and tasting the best home grown organic pinot wine.

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