Section 4 -
The Atom as a Model for the Universe



Model of a Donut Universe

My new donut theory answers a number of controversies on how we see the universe, which is not fully understood by science. It settles the question for me of what came first - the egg or the chicken. The egg came first.

To prove gravity to kids, take an egg and go into a blacksmith shop and put the egg on the anvil. Then take the biggest hammer with a long handle and smash the egg with one long stroke. Observe 90° from the force of accelerating action according to my three finger electrical rule: the egg is gone as it became invisible gravity.

Look around to find traces of the egg somewhere in space of your surrounding walls or look through a telescope in the evening sky observe a static universe. There we see the action of gravity splattered like a little egg here and there suspended in vacuum which scientist tell me that all that visible mass seen can be condensed inside in a one pound coffee container if you remove all the space between the atoms shown in a Washington science museum movie.

The Bible teaches us about the egg which would by necessity if you can think logical need a Creator to fashion one. The original egg universe was probably God’s first creation and was meant for Lucifer’s house and his friends. Then one day he rebelled caused a ruckus in a peaceful world above getting God very mad.

God expelled Satan from the Throne room and put Satan’s house like my egg story on the anvil, which made a lot of noise. Thereafter, we still can see the echo if you know where to look for. Now Satan has no home and must wander aimlessly around the earth like a homeless person, which is described at the beginning of the book of Job in the Bible. Check it out: it would not hurt.

Before executing Satan for his crimes, God came up with another plan for the universe. God used some previous egg material suspended in space and fashioned a special place we call our earth. It was meant to train replacements for his administration because many positions had become vacant by removing all the angels who rebelled.

This time around God designed creatures on a two stage system like a butterfly. The caterpillar stage man would live in the Daleth dimension to be mortal ending in a cocoon when school time is over to learn about good and evil. He gave Satan a part-time job teaching mortal’s evil against the background of God’s Oracles to choose wisely for an investment in a future administration serving God, hating evil and loving God, or vise versa according to our choice.

To make sure that there would never be a tempting rebellion against God he designed the new creature with an embedded immunization process which would inoculate the Saints to recognize evil before it is hatched. That enables the immunized Saints forever to be loyal and qualify for the same job previously enjoyed by Satan and his bunch before he screwed up and dishonored God in rebellion.

Satan’s teaching job will be terminated during the Apocalypse on 21 December 2012 coinciding with the Chinese, Hebrew calendar and ancient Greek Antikythera 32-gear calculator to have lasted a total of 6 Heh days, which is 6,000 Daleth years for mortals. That date was found imbedded in the Aztec calendar now deciphered as the Judge’s verdict spelled out his execution date after the seventh Heh day which can be calibrated on our NASA calendar AD 3003.4. As the seventh day is holy God rests, Satan is put in prison chained. There he gains one more Heh day (1,000 mortal years).

That means school time for mortals will be over and take a break when a new civilization that will be free of corruption starts after 21 December 2015 at the end of the Apocalypse. The plan calls out no more wars and conflict as the Apocalypse roadmap spelled out to get rid of all evil troublemakers, corrupted politicians and atheistic pagan scientists screwing up our food for future generations genetically messing up God’s creation causing much extinction.

Notice honeybees are disappearing, and worldwide starvation is increasing. Horrible diseases are killing billions of people, which is prophesied to happen from Genetic Modification with the protection intelligence immunization genes spliced out by criminal GMO scientists. That already has started and is documented on TV 2007 people eating spinach in California resulting in 28 mysterious deaths and 135 people waiting for a kidney transplants blaming cows up on the hill to cover-up their GMO crimes.

But the Saints resurrected after the Apocalypse will replace Satan’s school which will also conclude most prophesies of the Bible ending 21 December 2015. That will change forever an evil atheistic education system and only teach what is good and wholesome for humanity and the environment along with instructing children to love your neighbor which would empty our prisons.

You can check out more if you studied the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Or find another witness [+one] by checking out some ancient clocks exhibited in museums and get educated why their mystery was kept undeciphered to scientist for hundreds of years now revealed for the first time. Now we learned the reason why you and I where born but need to find out the real secrete of the donut theory getting better.

Mystery of Life Linked to Donut Model

My dear reader, I have exposed you to some outlandish concepts. Science for hundreds of years coming up with different models none are satisfying as all dead-end the math equation unsolvable therefore please do me a favor and read the donut theory again which will become clearer and explain the last of natures phenomena’s never explained before by science will proof that life is connected to gravity a mystery now deciphered.

My last discovery gets us to the very center of everything if you accept that we are also a spiritual being not evolved from a stupid monkey not possible if you are educated to know a little about entropy laws. We have not evolved scientific not possible and find ourselves living in a universe designed with purpose willed by an intelligent creator. My books talk about the Daleth dimension and Heh dimension discovered in the Bible Rosetta Stone and related many discoveries dressed in analogies so even my kid will understand it. Much what I wrote and mentioned in my first Babushka book a few sentence here and there off the cuff has profound consequences as I did not know it at that time its implication.

Researching and discovering stuff mentioned in my books is impossible to have invented and the math mentioned is so accurate that looking at the system can only come through divine Revelation , believe me I am not that smart, ask my kids. If all is said and contemplated one question remains why and by what method do proton-positron dogs like electrons move with the speed of light never answered by scientist? The answer is: it is the same energy force transferring and maintaining life as demonstrated in us.

Let’s find out where it all started and go in the Garden of Eden where the mystery of life is revealed to Humanity. We are introduced to a transparent spaceship dome transferred from heaven resting on earth covering a huge arena Heh dimension botanical garden which is the Garden of Eden with two trees in its center. It is similar to an enclosed greenhouse protected from the wild outside environment of nature where God visits and plays chess to have some fun with the couple he created. Read the Bible story.

The concept of enclosed Heh sphere is embedded in the Hebrew word Eden=[walled Garden] like after the seventh creation day comes purpose “Chet” the 8 th Hebrew letter connected with the plan for humanity “fenced-enclosed.” Similar to the ancient Chinese picture hieroglyph indicating the location of the garden West = [2 people in the garden].

A little observation mentioning playing an intellectual game with God would need a large brain capacity to compete and have some fun. We have proof as the average brain scientists tell us today we only uses 5% in a life time as 95% is empty, wasted perhaps no longer playing chess with the creator. It is like God original gave Adam a little extra intelligence capacity like a big blue IBM computer to be challenging and enjoyable for God playing a game with Adam while visiting. But now our brain degenerated to a limited laptop function no longer using the excess storage available and became ignorant throwing out God’s software oracle Bible instruction.

It is like replacing it with virus instruction confused fairy tales and think it is the original intelligence software explaining the universe and life embedded. That word “Intelligence” as a teacher “watch out” must never be mentioned in schools if applied to science avoiding a jail sentence or being fired from your job. School administrator’s not too bright mostly misled confusing intelligence embedded in a biological cell and think it is a religion forbidden to be mentioned by a state controlled creed in conflict. Not knowing the difference what really is applied science lowered the education standard below inferior primitive cultures avoiding confrontation.

Reading the text in Genesis could learn something about science we notice that the outside environment of the Daleth dimension is different from the inside Heh dimension garden sphere. Like a green house is separated from the outside environment protected from the forces of a natural world designed with struggle death and life balanced with procreation for survival being surrounded with fearful hungry dinosaurs roaming about. God said to Adam and was given a choice which dimension he wanted to live by choosing one tree or the other. Being protected inside the garden not worried about dinosaur seen at a distant like we see in TV movies made the wrong choice and since that time most people dream of heaven the Heh dimension an opportunity missed by our grand parents in the Garden of Eden.

The Daleth dimension we found out will eventual end and was not meant to run forever symbolized in a Hebrew letter Taw [400] linked with the time dimension parabolic curve. Only in time Daleth dimension is life introduced, which is replicated in seeds and procreation illustrated for us to learn about the nature-system delineating the two dimensions.

Eve later birthed a son discovering sex but needs Adams to give her the seed of life, which has God’s breath embedded into Adam to make him a living soul. Humanity’s structure implanted in the Hebrew composition [1-4-40-400] you can learn about in other Babushka book. Adam = [1-4-40] linked mathematical with Eve [4-40-400] sharing 4 = Daleth (in this world in this time) and 40 = Mem (life with purpose). But Eve giving life to the next generation ends the time dimension with Taw = 400 whereas Adam starts life with Aleph = 1 meaning (God). The [+one] in the math equation formula is the beginning like a motor-energy where all is started.

That [+one] force or energy I said in my previous Babushka books is embedded in all what exist and is the force chasing the proton dogs to go endlessly around like an electron in conventional theory. Investigating from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS] the meaning of the first language given by God–the Aleph as Jesus said translated to Greek “I am the Alpha and Omega,” which is our root of scientific world that will become the key of everything humanity wants to know.

No other key will fit the door. It is not possible as Jesus said, “I am the door” and no one can enter the butterfly stage the Jod dimension without me.

Why? Because he still has the key and is the Designer. Then I found out in my donut theory that Life and the dog chasing protons moving with the speed of light is linked with the same invisible force from the Heh dimension. That force cannot be explained with the Daleth dimension laws because it is outside or beyond the perimeter of our existence but could be explained with analogies embedded in nature.

God replicated from the Heh dimension and copied it into the Daleth dimension since we where created with high intelligence not seen in the animal kingdom unless you belong to the evolution religion pagan crowd. In my last chapter of the first Babushka book I defined mathematically who God is check it out. It is not conventional as it upsets quite a number monorail, unbalanced theologians and close-minded pastors.

They censured my discoveries in conflict with some pet dogmas in many churches forbidding Christians to read or bring my Babushka books to church experienced in Forster City Bible church I founded or even tiny Comptche backwoods church being affright not willing to investigate. My experiences are similar to what Galileo experienced in their suppressing truth from science. Even publishers are scared of dating prophecy. It is too controversial only available with instant book publishers or read it on the Internet for free if you want an education from a 360° perspective.

Here is a statement which will break the camel’s back in conflict with an evolution religion. The gravity force in my dissertation is not going outward from the donut center squeezed like tooth paste but goes reverse, comes from the outside and enters inside the nucleus and is the motor fuel as every atom needs proportioned energy in harmony with the laws of nature and our life too.

Nothing in our physical world runs on nothing: everything must have some energy to exist. All biological life depends on energy like the sun, but the sun too needs energy and is just a container transfer station to pass on energy which must have a source if you reasoned out to the very atom level not even that is the end station. Logic dictates that “nothing” can only replicate its kind into “nothing” according to entropy laws and must therefore have intelligence added to program it to the next level if it wants to become “something.”

Consequently, intelligence is the primary mover of everything in existence. That “something” forming atoms converting the “nothing” comes from space and is an invisible force from the very presence of God which is the source which gives life to every neutron pushing dog protons like a horse and carriage ending up in the periodic table classified and eventually crystallized out as mass-elements.

But than later I discovered that we have two different perspective of the universe, one is expanding the other static. In the expanding universe gravity energy flows inside the donut atom and makes it grow bigger ending in a bigger expanding universe. But in the static universe now frozen with the introduction of a time dimension it caused a reverse static condition flowing opposite as the same gravity forces now is only meant to maintain to keep the lights on but not enough for expansion. That principle of how its works we will learn about later, pay attention to new concepts never explained.

A Galaxy Model

Please look at the Hubble telescope pictures and notice a galaxy with a black hole at its center, which is a picture of donut atom replicated with embedded intelligence having the same pattern. A donut apple disk looks to me like swirling galaxy with a black hole which was designed with purpose. Nearby we observe burning gases like my egg splattered in my analogy with no shape just leftover burned out ashes and debris a former egg smashed on the anvil and then there are round balls floating gigantic planets formed from the leftover egg void of life, water and atmosphere.

The scientists’ big bang theory with a universe expanding is, in my opinion, dead wrong. Elements must first be formed to have a big bang, but as we have discovered in spectral frequencies, elements now even found on earth. The question is how can energy frequency be converted into material elements stuck on my refrigerator?

If you believe in fairy tale evolutions not figured out yet, let’s reason, where did the first atom came from? It requires intelligence to replicate into many to create a big bang. Intelligence is needed in a big bang to direct the atoms to go into what direction as we can have an explosion or implosion to me is opposite direction?

Where is the intelligence deciding which way the force should go, how is it embedded? Here is my story coming from the Bible more scientific and logical matching my new donut theory of a possible implosion in the process keeps creating more atoms to maintain and keep the lights on but not forever according to the Hebrew philosophy the Daleth dimension [this world-in this time=4] ending in the Taw equation.

The Origin of Infinite Energy

The Rainbow Investigation Part 2

Focusing as an inventor-technician to analyze the rainbow spectral lines embedded in light from space, we find that it has implanted many complex frequency signatures, which are energy fingerprints of the stuff the universe and earth is made of that is summarized by the periodic table. Thus space, the other Heh sides, could also be the source of the unknown mystery life force coming from the very presences of God’s Throne surrounded with another Heh dimension rainbow. That heavenly rainbow could be a common source emanating like a conductor highway to transmit a gravity force converted to light in a vacuum and transfer biological life regulated with intelligence embedded similar to spectral line recognized with our Daleth eyes.

It occurred to me that life giving energy forces embedded in the infinite light activate the dog neutron-positrons within the donut atom converting them into elements and controlling the DNA building blocks needed for life. They all travel on a dual railroad and radiate from space along the same highway originating from the Throne of God.

That common energy force is the fuel that powers everything and creates galaxies for the universe to continue. If you have an emergency and need to get to a doctor because your heart has stopped, then you must get to the hospital in a hurry. If you have no gasoline energy in your car, it makes no difference how expensive it was, because it becomes useless junk in one second without gas. Therefore, energy is a primary force from space that travels through an invisible conductor like electricity needs copper wires. It must be stored in a universe wide container created for this use.

Like gasoline in your tank, stored energy is linked to a purpose, too. I think of converted gravity in a vacuum that spreads around transferring intelligent data bytes from the Heh dimension to our earth. Its purpose is we all gain in value containing precious life. To understand that principle in physics, we use various media and couple it with special frequency carriers to transfer pictures from space to earth even through a million miles of vacuum. In the early century science it was called “Ether.”

If there is nothing, nothing can react with nothing as the laws of cause-effect dictates that you must have something to demonstrate it with the laws of physics. Seeing pictures from space is the proof. Not feeling or seeing the transmission medium or knowing about it does not make the pictures and their transfer nonexistent. I propose that gravity is the energy transmission force embedded throughout the universe.

Therefore, the unknown life force energy travels from God’s presence linked to a rainbow above God’s Throne which is the source of a continued river flowing with invisible gravity energy force spreading out throughout the universe as John describes it in heaven which looked to him like a clear crystal sea of burning glass surrounding the Throne. (Revelation 4:6)

That infinite light gravity force is radiating into surrounding universe to distant space and enters every donut atom nucleus and pushes the neutrons chasing the dog protons programmed by intelligence software transmitted at the same time and along on the same gravity-ether frequency carrier activates and procreates a mystery life force in the Daleth dimension. It generates new atoms, or living DNA strands ending in a new born baby, or release energy in seconds in an atom bomb demonstrated. All conform to preplanned intelligence that is transmitted in a reverse, three finger electrical hand rule of chasing proton dogs that create current and magnetism, together forming mass vaporized out in spooning donuts of various shapes elements expressed in the periodic table.

A Trinity finger electrical rule from the Heh dimension is embedded with God’s breath, which is an invisible force activated on the Daleth dimension level expressed in biological “Life” in every cell structure and seen on the lower spectrum in the rainbow color explained in physics by a German scientist, Joseph von Fraunhofer.

Look at the galaxies with a dark hole in the center. It is a good illustration what really is happening. The galaxy hole is like an antenna collecting invisible gravity energy frequency emanating from the Throne of the Heh dimension and is spread out like an ocean throughout the universe in the Daleth dimension and sucked into the hole like an overpowered gigantic vacuum cleaner. It collects all the invisible energy floating around evenly distributed across the ocean universe space dimension and concentrates it in galaxy centers.

The intense gravity energy is then transferred according to a reversed three finger electrical rule, 90° to the direction of suction, to generate a current with transformed magnetism. That propels the invisible neutrons pushing and chasing the dog protons around the apple slices from large diameter to small diameter within the donut atom at the speed of light.

Think. If magnets pass a conductor in a generator, it creates a current like electricity which is demonstrated by a light bulb plugged into the socket. If we turn the turbine faster over 60 hertz along the invisible spectrum of TV, radio frequencies, moving up the scale to the visible light of seven rainbow colors back to invisible range of infrared color to X-rays, Alpha, Beta, Gama all getting shorter in the wavelength to infinite?

At that juncture the Bible says the Heh dimension starts which cannot be defined with Daleth frequency. It is the crossover border where elements are no longer formed becoming a physical manifestation we are familiar. That whole energy spectrum is centered by a rainbow frequency range only visible to our human eyes as the sole recipient but is also linked to our human life demonstrated. See the pictures on page 6.

Those same rainbow frequencies are seen over the Throne of God in the Heh dimension John recorded for us in Revelation which too is the center of the Heh dimension creation. Was that arrangement a random accident?

I do not think so. Intelligence coming from God’s presence must control the forces of physics to act on existing laws (explosion-implosion) according to an embedded designed intelligence system. That arrangement looks to me like a clock with many interdependent gears actuating a cuckoo bird energized by invisible gravity force from the Heh dimension controlled with a pendulum mechanism.

When the cuckoo bird shows up it produces a crossover time dimension pulsing and chasing the dog proton packs producing electrical current frequency linked to gears. Connected to the cuckoo clock are extra features like wheels turning wooden saints appearing all mechanically designed by intelligence to chase the dog protons around in my donut apple slice if you get my analogy. But watch the pendulum explained later.

To explain it again with another second rail for balance, visualize the frequency curve shown on page 6, which shows all the frequencies from zero to Alpha rays. That represents the Daleth dimension, but is the result of a major energy source from the Heh dimension.

The piano has a 7:5 ratio embedded meaning 7 white keys and 5 black keys similar to seven rainbow colors explained later. That is also the same in the HANS classification with a 7:5 ratio of the Hebrew math formula explained in the Rosetta Stone discovery in my second Babushka book. On a piano we will recognize when we strike a “C” key we have the higher “c” resonate if you have a good ear to hear it. That resonation makes music become alive. The resonation –“live”- is really the primary invisible frequency for our enjoyment which gives dimension to everything we hear in a concert and we call it sometime heavenly as it can move us to tears or ecstasy which is really the “Heh” dimension.

So visualize again the frequency curve getting higher and superimposed is the Heh dimension second resonance frequency also invisible to our eyes but cannot be measured with Daleth instruments but does exist if overlaid. Therefore, the second embedded resonance is the primary mover energy coming from the Throne room we will learn later how it works. The Heh dimension frequency superimposes on our Daleth energy spectrum, resonating that can be measured with special instruments only. The primary cannot be measured like life, the spirit in us or even intelligence, do not even know if it is solid, liquid or just a gas, but we all use it, no kidding.

To sum it up, the Heh dimension gravity energy is transferred like a transformer scaled down a million volt to a usable voltage of 110 volt without being physically connected by wires with one set of windings in proximity of another inside an electrical transformer as the universe is a transformer too and reflects that. Or it works like sound energy transferred with a resonance of the higher “C” to a lower “c” to a next scaled keyboard to be identical in pitch. Those principals will play out further explained within the rainbow colors and embedded spectral lines also coming from the Heh dimension Throne room in heaven actuated on our spiritual frequency bandwidth resonating in experiences on our Daleth dimension level if you are “alive” and educated in physics to understand my two sided analogies like two witnesses needed.

A [+ one] idea is illustrated applied to the universe looking at the many galaxies mostly glowing with light. When the ether-gravity of the invisible infinite light flowing like an ocean across space strikes a particle–matter in a vacuum it will glow if connected within a magnetic field. It is analogous to the early morning hours we see dew on every little blade of grass settled as an invisible water vapor flowed over the landscape condensed because of physics.

Magnetism of a larger body is produced by dog-protons chasing his tail within the donut atom cause and interacting with the Heh dimension energy radiating infinite light in space and is exchanged and converted to Daleth light of 186,000 m/sec we can see with our eyes in the night sky and photograph. They must be connected with a body having a hole to glow. Cold planets, therefore, will not light up as magnetism was reduced less activity dog protons chasing the tail. More will be explained next by investigation a pendulum and transformer principle for a better understanding.

Time Dimension and Cosmic Intelligence

Check again my paper disk cut into a spiral and see the DNA staircase crossing over which concentrates gravity seen on the crossover path spiral now converted into energy visible light when the dog protons repels not colliding but diverting sideways producing magnetism.

As logic tells us, the inertia energy must go somewhere loosing speed of the dog protons at that moment of repelling another proton pulsating sideways 90° to the flow direction which leads to crystallized bunched energy spectral light frequency and when it gets eventually cooler following entropy laws resolve itself and become elements. Scientific instruments can either see the first stage of energy conversion, as transmitted in embedded light conductor, or finalized in the process stuck on my refrigerator holding the photo of my girl in the Daleth dimension.

In other words, all that we see in the universe are galaxies brightly lit up because they get gravity energy converted from infinite light from the Throne of God which causes the proton-dogs to live and race with parabolic light speed creating elements. Elements formed in the first frequency stage send out into space their specific spectral line which is light observed seen with embedded information spectral lines in the Hubble telescope. But in the second stage will condense into mass eventually crystallize out as element adding more gravity produced magnetism becoming elements spooning condensing into molecule chunks of mater cooling down cold frozen stuck on my refrigerator.

In an airplane at evening, one sees all the lights of a city connected to one source. If you pull the switch at the source, no more lights will shine and the city becomes like an egg suspended in a vacuum: all becomes total darkness. Without the sun’s energy in the parabolic time dimension, all eventually dies. It comes to an end like the meaning for “Taw” = 400, the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Humanity has a parabolic time dimension embedded in the formula [1-4-40-400], which spells Adam [1-4-40] with Taw (400) added for Eve [4-40-400].

Check out my second Babushka book. Watch God pulling the plug at the end of God’s Plan for Humanity [AD 3018]. Accordingly if you look up in the clear bright night and see thousand stars all shining think that they are all connected with a current and linked to the infinite light transferred and converted by intelligence to a lower speed similar like a transformer mounted next to high power line a million volt reduced to 110 volt to run my refrigerator.

When we create a vacuum in a light bulb it will chase the dog-protons of the chromium tungsten wire converting energy according to the three finger rule now transformed into visible light energy which is duplicated in the stars and burning galaxy surrounded in vacuum too. If God would turn off His infinite light gravity railroad all would turn to darkness with frozen Kelvin time ending in total lifelessness. Therefore, give thanks to the Lord to let us live a little longer and be thankful of an energy gift not deserved.

Let’s compare two examples the sun and a hydrogen bomb both produce brilliant light releasing energy both plugged into the infinite light socket. The energy released is a process from one element stage converted to a lower level according to entropy laws as that we can see in galaxies. But in our example we notice the sun converting very slowly energy for over 6,000 years witnessed by humanity.

But most of us have seen movies of an atom bomb mushroom horrendous energy released in seconds. The process is the same but the timing is the controller function of the equation. In the nuclear electrical power station the clock to measure time in seconds is the most important instrument to watch which would either give us electricity flowing steady or a mushroom out of control to witness some time ago in Russia Chernobyl city. The sun gives us steady energy too as both need something to control its energy conversion.

It is intelligence controlling protons chasing around the atoms we call it high technology in the Daleth dimension. Therefore the sun too is controlled by neutrino-intelligence rainbow color spectrum located in between positrons coming from the infinite Heh light dimension source otherwise the sun becomes a thousand times bigger hydrogen mushroom cloud glowing for while getting cold we see plenty in the universe. Intelligence is an absolute ingredient to control mega power or propagate life instruction needed within a cell to tell the mechanism the sequence of the next action with all the possibility to either have an implosion or explosion must be controlled or you have “nothing”. Check my second law of the universe at the beginning of my story. When God controls the time we have life. When man takes over that control we have death of millions which is our last menace scheming world affairs joining Satan to counter God’s Plan for a future humanity.

In the next year, you will witness seven cities blown up, starting with New York. God’s wrath is forced again to use an apocalypse to stop humanity’s insanity. He will correct what has gone totally wrong. Read my second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, for more details.

We will experience intelligence out of control, directed by Satan, using politicians and atheistic scientists to destroy our earth. Notice that process already has started as presently many genetic scientists’ works hard to make most life become extinct inserting terminator genes in vegetable seed for higher profit. Not seen in public are the criminal scientists hiding behind close university doors and deep inside hermetically sealed mountain bunker laboratories seen recently on TV June 2008 working around the clock to eliminate the protection intelligence system within the biological vegetable cell structure. In those secrete laboratories they systematically splicing out the immune cell policemen who inoculated and protected us for thousands of years against deadly bacteria and viruses.

Those atheistic stupid morons like a bull in the china store destroying our food and causing now massive extinction now to witness if you read science magazines or listen to the eco-NEWS. I am outraged that the food merchandiser only sale genetic modified food with a number sticker glued on every fruit meant for lawyer if you should get deadly sick like 18 people died eating genetic modified spinach in California.

Why do huge corporations no longer offering just plain unmodified vegetable or beef without red fat tasting horrible, the original food now missing in every food market. Genetic modification drastically changed the food and obsolete many cookbooks from my mother times as green potatoes now bleached white fall apart no longer able to make my favored German “Klöße” lacking the starch spliced out. Let your potatoes sit for 8 weeks on the shelf will change color back to green skin never seen before losing the bleaching gas.

Genetically changing food will be the worst crime perpetrated against humanity and surpass Hitler and Stalin killing millions of people sanctioned by a corrupted FDA US government. The highest crime committed is replacing cell intelligence embedded since creation and exchange it with systemic pesticide, herbicide genes and implanted drugs like antibiotics, flavor & color enhancer chemicals creating artificial synthetic food which is poison for insect environment screwing up every original cell found in nature. Notice in the NEWS now seeing extinction on a massive scale destroying the environment causing huge dying off with Humanity shortly to follow because it takes a little more time to be noticed as humans have more body mass.

We witness the insect world collapsing, honeybees disappearing and becoming extinct, wild birds with unusual diseases eating genetically changed seeds and insects embedded with genetically modified E-coli bacterium which is proven with 18 witnesses died in California eating modified spinach. That is followed with more NEWS followed now reported massive deer, elk, wild birds mysteriously dying too. The last war, Armageddon prophesied in the Bible, is at the door. It will introduce you to new genetically engineered bacteria-virus manufactured dug up from Middle Age graves to be more deadly. Those recently developed bacteriological weapons in our American military arsenal will then be applied to people dying by the millions. Read the very detailed prophecy in the Bible.

Do not think for a moment I must be crazy, not only reading science magazines to rattle extremisms but also including the Bible. That can give you a perspective to understand what modern scientist and corrupted politician are doing to the environment not being a stupid atheist manufacturing only destruction for obscene profit to destroy the only place in the universe showing life.

Read another Babushka book, Genetic Modification Exposed!, free on the Internet. Now is your last chance to become educated in these topics. By 2015 more than 80% of humanity will have vanished, no kidding. This is a very serious warning, and you should be informed. God will again place a civilization egg on the anvil (our present global one) and use the long handled hammer to make a lot of people homeless. A second asteroid must come soon to save this world from ourselves, or let Satan gloat that he is more powerful than God because he managed to totally ruin His creation.

God is set to react against Satan’s challenge; we will again see once more that the ballast inside the earth will be upset by another asteroid. It is God’s finger in the sky already in orbit and maybe tilting the earth axis back where it started before Noah’s Atlantis civilization time 2288 BC. When you are a clock maker you are not a prophet announcing one hour later watch the clock and listen to the cuckoo bird to remind you time is up. Gears are designed with intelligence and run its course that is why I can foretell events using embedded Bible intelligence lacking in universities controlled by atheistic evolution religion priesthood the biggest liars and criminals ever working hard to exterminate life on this planet. They can only brainwash people to be comatose to elect corrupted politician funding more money for more destructions. Watch therefore God’s finger in the sky prophesied or read science magazines balanced with a biblical perspective.


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