Section 5 -
The Mechanism Sustaining the Universe



A Donut Transformer

Most bars or fun parks in America have pin ball machines for kids where you shoot out a one inch steel ball to hit so many circle islands going crosswise up and down. Every time it touches a bumper, lights flash with a noise and numbers increasing on the screen to announce the winner. My kid was an unbeatable expert showing more intelligence than his Dad.

That machine in principle could represent the universe as each circular bumper represents a galaxy hit with energy from a source, which makes the light go on quantified with a number to record the background intelligence controlled by an invisible talent I did not expect from my kid. That illustration could explain how the universe operates under the control of an infinite mind. The traveling steel ball has embedded inertia energy like invisible gravity in space. Energy touches every galaxy island directed by intelligence originating from a brain center that controls the force propelling an invisible mass, which is governed by embedded cause and effect laws coming from the Heavenly Throne with a rainbow above.

Every bumper hit absorbs a little spring energy and propelling the ball energy mass to another circular island bouncing around the whole pinball game. It affects the other circle islands with lights flushing and numbers appearing as a system.

Maybe now we can understand why most stars emit light, which needs a vacuum according to my donut theory of chasing proton dogs pushed by a gravity conductor from space. As they cross over sideways in the spiral apple splice, they barely miss an oncoming stream of opposing and repelling protons to produce a current and light surrounded in vacuum. The bunched energy is the result of these near miss crossovers. The avoiding, opposite traveling proton-dogs repel and slow down, which transforms their motion energy into visible pulsating light frequencies. The number of dog protons involved creates differing frequencies forming the various elements in modulating light seen as spectral lines.

Light converted to rainbow colors embeds the collision information of how big the apple-atom donut is and how many dog protons were involved, which would eventually condense into mass created by the combination of the three finger rule and by how many magnetic lines cross over the donut center. Light with that embedded intelligence then travels with that information to the earth, where that intelligent data bank is received. The universe is full of such coded forces that ultimately originate from the Heavenly Throne Heh dimension but now measured as oscillating light in the material Daleth dimension on earth.

Invisible gravity becomes the carrier on a dual spiral railroad, like a DNA strand superimposed with an embedded intelligence structure, to form over hundred elements of different atomic structures. Some are large and some small - spooning or repelling each other thus affecting the apple donut size.

Donut Atom Cross-Section
The number of protons dog chasing determines the frequency condensed as an element in the time dimension. It will match a parabolic time curve while getting colder according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Finally, this power ends up in my kitchen as the nickel iron magnet stuck on my refrigerator, solid to my touch, which is sensed by my brain fired up by God’s breath to form thoughts and perceptions. Both sides of the same coin are needed.

My donut model gets better when we consider the (1) source of energy being (2) transferred and (3) converted to some work because there is a purpose. The three finger rule is what makes the whole thing work. Not being an electrical engineer, I must write a lot to explain how the donut encircled with electricity works together with its implications. Let’s go back. Most know about the technical processes involved in turning on a switch to light the room. That simple action explains the universe.

(1) Source

Electricity is produced when we have a conducting wire loop pass through a magnet. If you oscillate in and out of the magnet, you get a pulse generated in the wire loop. When we have thousands of wire loops assembled on a stator, the turning magnets become a big turbine generator in an electrically plant. Some energy source, like dammed up water, coal-steam or nuclear-steam conversion, drives the turbine coupled with a generator turning wire loops at high speed. The thousands of pulses called voltage-current generated behave according to the three finger rule now expanded to explain the smallest donut atom.

The energy produced at the source is one million volts, meaning the sine-curve is very large because it must be transported to the consumer with as little loss possible to make a profit. At a lower voltage, it becomes useful in your electric toaster’s red hot wire coil. If you put that coil in a vacuum, it would turn into light like your light bulb in the living room.

When you look high overhead above the ground, you will see three wires carrying massive amounts of power at very high voltage to the consumer. In front of your house, look up the pole to see a transformer where the voltage is stepped down to 110 volts we can use. Also, if we touch it, we do not get instantly killed. Now connected to the motor to do some work like your refrigerator turns a heat transfer pump to have your food box nice and cool. The motor is just the reverse looks the same having magnets turning inside a wire loop only smaller like the power generator at the source.

(2) Transformer

The transformer looks like my donut with a figure eight lying down, which is the infinity sign ∞ like cross over for cars or dog proton in my donut theory. The transformer steps down a million volts of energy from the source. If you touched it, you would be killed. It must therefore be stepped down ten thousand times smaller to be useful giving us light and heat.

Galaxies also give light and heat like the sun. Now I will explain how they get their energy according to the same three finger rule connect to the infinite light source having infinite voltage reduced to workable finite usable energy. If we use the figure eight of our dog proton-positron and put ten thousand wire loops around on one side and on the other loop 100, then we have a transformer stepping down voltage not to kill you if touched. In an apple donut we have small slices getting bigger and small again inside dog-protons chasing their tail. That is also a transformer with higher loops being the bigger apple slices and smaller loops as dog-protons chase inside a wire loop like in a motor or in reverse a generator.

Transformer The principle is the same when we look in the night sky seeing all the lights on and wonder why do the stars burn forever and could there be a switch to turn them off?

When high voltage is reduced to be useful, the glowing filament in the light bulb was surrounded with a vacuum. If there is no vacuum, we cannot have any light. Check it out when your light bulb develops a leak, and you need to buy another one. In space, there is a vacuum; therefore, galaxies and distant stars become bigger light bulbs burning bright in a vacuum and shining light in a much larger room we call it the universe. The idea of bigger bulbs shining in the universe highlights a lot of dust and particles like the splattered egg, which previously was Satan’s house. He became homeless when it was smashed on the anvil by God because of rebellion. When we see bright galaxies light up like a light bulbs, the obvious conclusion is that there must be some “wireless” connection to source of energy, coming from somewhere.

Inside a transformer, we will notice separate windings on one site with a lot on the other, much smaller side that steps down big energy in smaller chunks to be useful. If you do not have a transformer you have an explosion of energy released too fast ending with fire reducing all what is to ashes. In space, we do see some exploded galaxies in a fire ball, which tells us that the intelligent transformer failed. The Germans say kaput.

It is just like your house would burn down if they put the electrical transformer too close. Luckily, they put the transformer high up on a telephone pole and not hiding under your bed, which is too dangerous. Galaxies must be spaced apart, too, like we do ceiling fixtures in my living room to cover all the room with light without interfering as they create heat, which could cause a fire. Remember gravity’s nature is to suck nearby mass together like egg splattered floating around, which would eventually disappear into a hole. It does not vanish, as told in cosmos fairy tales, but make the galaxy grow bigger.

(3) Converted

The transformer looks like my donut and works the same way. It steps down much too high energy and converts it to useful light like a bulb enclosure inside a vacuum. The bulb gets hot because the dog-protons chasing the tail running up to the big slice and down again creates some heat condensed as sweat. It is analogous to running up hill converting energy too fast: we get hot and sweat a lot to regulate our excessive energy conversion in our body, producing water vapor to remove excessive spent energy controlled with embedded intelligence invisible in our body.

A galaxy, or our sun, needs same intelligence to control its nuclear fuel conversion like we do in a nuclear reactor via steam get electricity. In an electrical nuclear power station, the system is controlled by intelligent computer software to regulate the converted energy rather let it run wild exploding uncontrolled into a mushroom accident from failed intelligence like what happened at Russia’s Chernobyl.

The sun must, therefore, have embedded intelligence to control the billions of hot protons on the nuclear molecular level, or it could fail in an explosion releasing energy too fast as we see many examples in the universe. Thanks to God, we have a good dependable system. God is supervising it to give us perfectly controlled energy, not too hot, for 6,500 years never failing giving us free energy. That regulating intelligence is controlled from the throne room in the Heh dimension transferring infinite energy on a dual rail to the sun linked with a rainbow transformer intelligence not paying a penny. Think more about how electricity works with the three finger rule within our donut atom controlled with intelligence, which gets better, but I am restricted not to write a big book again.

Kelvin Temperature

One more point we must consider is temperature measured in Kelvin. At a low temperature of minus 273° Celsius many metals become superconductors, meaning they have no resistance to an electric current. That could mean blessing for us as electrical resistance is costly transmitting energy by wires. We do not yet have that technology to be practicable as we make the voltage higher a million times transferred by wires and stepped down later at the consumer with a transformer high on the telephone pole.

But at extremely low temperatures in space, gravity and magnetism behave differently. It seems that gravity is suspended. The atoms just seem to float, no longer spooning in an expanding a universe. The big man oxygen donut atom liquidized still lower cooled down would leak right through the bottom glass container in the experiments shown on TV .

The atoms slowed down near death no longer showing life. Magnets shown in the experiments deep frozen are suspended and levitate which diminishes some gravity. The donut theory is the only one giving some rational answers to a mystery not yet explained by scientist and puts the time parabolic dimension equation again in its proper place as it is linked with infinite light modifying the behavior of elements as it goes through a temperature change.

Two factors must be considered one is vacuum and the other extreme low temperature which modifies elements spooning. The protons chasing sideways along the apple slices are linked with a time factor, which controls current forming magnetism. In extremely low temperatures, magnetism would be highest affecting gravity like a teeter totter. If we visualize that infinite light energy goes into the front door of the donut hole and out comes gravity from the back door to connect with the next donuts forming galaxies like a pin ball machine.

Therefore, neutrons pushing proton dogs function as a timer for the energy transfer equation converting the infinite to visible finite light frequency like a transformer like in the visible spectrum elements are formed previously explained. When protons within the donut run faster then normal light 186,000 miles/sec driven by infinite light neutrinos they produce internal friction heat passed on to protons offsetting the Kelvin cold surrounded in space.

Check out our electrical transformers to understand that principle. They must be cooled with liquid to reduce a million volts down to 110 volts. It is like in space where higher dog chasing protons creating friction temperatures within the atom that needs low Kelvin temperatures to keep the system balanced. Since we have so many elements spooning in a galaxy mass, those on the inside are shielded from the outside cold as those on the outside are affected differently with current running without resistance hence reflect changes in magnetism and total gravity.

To me needs another intelligence controls mechanism to bring about harmony as a whole to make it function like an organized city. Scientists theorize that to decrease energy levels smaller and smaller means it gets colder, which would take a lot of time like in a burning galaxy the other end of a teeter totter changing into a static universe getting colder. Therefore, looking from infinite energy potential, it would take an infinite amount of time on the opposite side of that equation. Infinite time is absolute zero Kelvin - total cold, as nothing would or could move anymore all dead, no life, and no energy conversion. Therefore, zero energy conversion equals infinite time. Or Infinite energy equals zero time.

The Bible tells us that God is infinite light; therefore, time does not exist in the Heh dimension. But we live in a material time dimension [Daleth] with time slowing down. Consequently, at some point in the past there was a special creation act meant for humanity. It links with the purpose expressed in God’s Plan for Humanity. Purpose means it must have been designed with a roadmap by superior intelligence. Just that concept articulated in one sentence would be another Babushka book. I will let you write it as many donut concepts expand like an iceberg 90% submerged below what is visible:

Zero E = ∞ Time

∞ E = Zero Time


A Transformer Pendulum

Let’s sum up what I discovered previously as a cuckoo clock in my first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied. It has two dials like the Aztec calendar and like other bronze clocks driven by gears. Gears are designed with intelligence to tell time. That is important for an energy conversion if you visit an atomic power station which must exercise prudent intelligence control over an atomic reaction to release heat very slowly otherwise you have an explosion like an nuclear bomb. The sun converts nuclear reaction into light surrounded by vacuum but is controlled by intelligence from the Heh dimension or else it is goodbye for us. What is the method explained in physics controlling both energy conversion?

The pendulum in my cuckoo clock could be an example. The cuckoo clock converts gravity energy from space coming from God’s Throne by hanging weights high on the wall which activated an invisible ticking force within a certain range. When the weight is at the bottom (Taw) that ends a time dimension for that clock because the intelligence mechanism stopped the pendulum motion according to physics as time was declining getting shorter determined by a preset range within the clock design system.

That idea I am not alone applied to the universe was transposed and explained by Dr. Albert Einstein. Therefore, in a faster or slower atomic nuclear reaction a time factor would have a certain range, slowing down according to a parabolic time constant discovered in ancient bronze-gold clocks and explained in my third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

In the conversion of gravity inside a donut atom, there is a pendulum mechanism too dolling out energy in increments of time. It transforms invisible energy from the Heh dimension and slows down that energy to our visible rainbow spectrum range by dog proton-neutrons swinging across donut apple slices in pendulum motion from small diameter to the big diameter back and forth energized forever - or so long, until the switch is turned off controlled by the Heh dimension source control room at God’s Throne.

If gravity in the universe would be suspended that even would stop my cuckoo clock in my living room with a swinging pendulum too. My cuckoo clock is converting invisible gravity and needs therefore another force outside of its mechanism environment which must be higher in intelligence to wind up that clock every morning good for another cycle. Applied to the universe we need a higher intelligence, like the big “I AM” ultimately windups his universe clock with a time dimension.

This fulfills God’s purpose to control all life on earth and invented neutrons pushing dog protons in all the billion galaxies all replicated in my cuckoo clock model reflecting a mini universe donut atom reproduction conforming to the same entropy laws. God the Aleph [+one] is the higher intelligence outside the clock mechanism and is the only source of providing energy for the universe system turned on the lights for humanity’s pleasure galaxies shining brightly in the night sky and to measure time to remind us being ignorant and conceited that we are mortal and headed for the cocoon to be reborn as a butterfly if you chose. Wind up your clock feels good to be in control of your life, which has purpose.

A Divine Intelligence Transformer

The spectral line within the seven rainbow color show us that the violet blue light has a lower frequency wave length than the red color much higher on the other end of the rainbow frequency. That too combined together is a transformer system with few windings on one site and higher frequency windings chasing the dog-protons around the conductor donut body apple slices.

Infinite light converted to gravity transfers raw energy captured in a rainbow frequency originating from the same source the Heavenly Throne surrounded with a rainbow along a dual spiral railroad. (Revelation 4) The transferred intelligence rail channel thus runs parallel across space with the infinite light embedded with high voltage current-gravity rail to connect every burning galaxy in space, including our sun und earth.

Infinite energy paired together with intelligence embedded frequency control the energy forces within a donut atom so that it does not blow up too fast like a mushroom cloud. This is accomplished inside a donut atom by a transformer pendulum system that transfers higher level energy to a lower spectrum. If you understand the donut theory model, then we easily see the mechanism of the electrical three finger rule applied in the multiple figure eight analogy where positrons move across smaller-bigger apple slices with pendulum motion to function like a transformer.

A transformer has on one side many wire loops and fewer on the other side transferring energy. In a donut atom, we have a neutrons-protons-pearl chain running crossing apple slice which produces friction like a resistor against a high incoming current. When infinite light converted in a parabolic time dynamic is slowed down to a velocity of 186,000 miles/second, it becomes visible to our eye. That energy conversion process creates localized heat within an atom seen as visible light.

The internal transforming energy within the atomic nucleus forces protons sideways across the donut atom slices creating friction heat converted to visible light, which has embedded spectral line information indicating the presents of various elements spooning. Again, the light we see in our eyes expanded to the seven rain bow color spectral line frequency shows transformed infinite energy of a much higher frequency forming element in their first state of development. Measuring infinite energy is not possible on the Daleth side because it is restricted by physics, limited by entropy and cause-effect laws defined by Sir Isaac Newton and Dr. Albert Einstein. However, we can calculate the total energy of a static universe representing one side of a transformer and postulate the other side how big the infinite energy source could be.

The rainbow over the God’s Throne is bathed in infinite light that connects through a universe transformer and comes to us converted into the visible light spectrum of low-blue and high-red intelligence frequencies wavelength. They function like the windings of a transformer to energize the galaxies, our sun and earth on a lower energy spectrum we can measure with our science instruments. By analogy, the heavenly rainbow Heh dimension connects the to our mortal Daleth side linking it with the laws of the universe in one unifying concept according to the physics embedded in the rainbow colors.

Analyzing the rainbow light, I noticed an intelligent pattern, which functions similar to our binary computer language intelligence of zeros and ones. It is like how battle ships used to communicate with another on high seas using a blinking “on and off” light, if you remember old movies. That simple communication of blinking light could cause canons to be fired at a target or invite the captain for lunch. It was just another structure of applied intelligence. One more communication sequence from the Heh dimension is prayer - sometimes getting faster action in the case of saving one’s life.

Intelligence in modern times can be captured in the symmetrical binary on and off system, which converts all that humanity ever wrote - all the books and pictures ever created into simple pixels of binary symbols of ZERO and ONE. The Heh dimension rainbow intelligence is far more complex as it used an asymmetrical binary code of 7:5:

Ultraviolet] -[violet-blue-green-yellow-red]- [infrared]=7.

Those rainbow color combinations function like a binary code with a bandwidth ratio dividing the primary (5) rainbow colors from the Heh dimension rainbow color with the secondary (7) color light packaged for space Daleth dimension transfer like analogue the same pattern of the binary code what we use in our computers (0:1) or (7:5). The Chinese of 2,000 BC had three bronze clock dials with the same binary pattern explained further on the end of this paragraph.

I discovered a Rosetta Stone in Daniels prophecy, which has the same 7:5 system (Daleth-Heh) embedded. This discovery widens our horizons for understanding the universe as covered in my other Babushka books. Summed up, more intelligence added to “nothing” converts into “something” one notch higher as explained according to my Second Law of the Universe.

Recently, science experiments demonstrated that blue light increases magnetism 160% and yellow light does the opposite so that magnetism measured 65% less. Totaled together, this does not violate the First Law of Thermodynamics, which is a check to test what we postulate.

That discovery will be used for future computer storage devices getting more data bytes. If the scientists would expand it further to the red color next to the yellow, like the 7:5 ratio, that could increase the range for extra data bytes. This proves to me from another quarter that my theory rainbow combination from God’s Throne has embedded intelligences in the 7:5 combination colors passing on intelligence, which control the nuclear fusion of the sun operating inside every donut atom.

Otherwise there would be no sun having been blown up in seconds like some scattered egg fragments in space to witness still glowing but getting colder. If you are interested to see it, watch education shows NASA created for TV. I thank God that he embedded intelligence in every atom to control the energy conversion process of our sun, not too fast like uncontrolled in a nuclear bomb explosion. Instead, God directs the transformed intelligence energy suitable for human life with all the rest of biological life systems on earth depending on it, too.

Chinese Bronze Clock

A Chinese Binary Code Explained

Looking at what is embedded in three Chinese bronze clock plates dated 4,000 years old, it surprised me greatly to find a modern binary symbol system similar to our high-technology.

I wrote Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries to decipher these ancient bronze–gold clocks and figured out what they measured. Expanding my horizons further, I see a resemblance of a rainbow intelligence transformer matching the 7:5 ratio of the Hebrew HANS system connecting with the Heh dimension. The two dots definitely look to me like the ONE and the dash ZERO in our binary code.










But if we space the two dots apart framing it with the long dash in the middle then we have a spectral rainbow embedded intelligence regulating the energy conversion of invisible infinite light to the visible spectrum ending with the visible frequency which eventually crystallize out as elements of the periodic table.






The visible side of the rainbow colors would be analogue the dog-protons chasing around the apple splice moving like a pendulum from one side to the other (North-South pole) entrance of the atom donut becoming visible pushed by invisible neutrons from the invisible infinite spectrum side like a transformer.

The visible dog protons are pushed by the invisible neutrons connected to the invisible ultraviolet–infrared color frequency spectrum framing the in-between visible spectrum [violet-blue-green-yellow-red] like a black-white pearls assembled in a bracelet going around from a larger diameter to smaller in so many apple slices. The white invisible neutrons pearl pushes the black visible dog protons, which move back and forth from one pole to the other slowing down on the small diameter getting faster on the outer diameter like a pendulum in a clock. That converts and transfers the white neutrons linked to infinite light energy transformed into gravity force like a cuckoo clock gears mechanism controls gravity with a pendulum in the visible Daleth spectrum light range that will produce cycles becoming spectral lines in the rainbow band.

It is similar to when scientists discovered that the blue light increases 160% magnetism and becomes lower in the yellow range below 65% to be useful for future faster computers. Therefore, in a dog chasing apple splice controlled by the rainbow color, embedded intelligence prevents the sun blowing up like an atomic bomb. It demonstrates a principle of a shortening of the time dimension through a controlled energy conversion. Like a cuckoo clock pendulum, gravity is converted to time dimension and doling out energy in small increments (visible rainbow color spectrum) by chasing dog protons in a restricted manner from a large diameter to a smaller..

That slows down time by the ratio of the slow to high color frequency [violet-red] which overlays with a directing intelligence like in my paper spiral model DNA shows. It demonstrates that when the dog protons are slowing down time which is portioned out across the apple donut atom splice in small increments changing from slow-fast-slow cycles controlled and superimposed by rainbow frequency intelligence of five colors. That would change the frequency of elements forming from the initial first light stage then as time is fractured out becomes vapor condensed as solid elements in the final stage-cold seen in spectral lines of the rainbow color spectrum.

The ancient Chinese, therefore, must have had some knowledge of the donut atom theory as they come from Noah’s time [2288 BC] with Japheth transferring previous genetic modification practiced in the preceding Atlantis civilization. That ancient time must have had computer knowledge to do genetic modification of God’s creation like what we do in modern times.

God got angry and destroyed that society by an asteroid reported by the Aztecs and in a book written by Enoch that should have been included in the Bible as the oldest manuscript. God will do it again because humanity is again rebelling by genetically distorting God’s creation. Just look at the 52 km large asteroid identified with an 825-day orbit that is projected to hit the earth like an egg on the anvil. Atheistic scientists cringe at that, not educated to investigate facts being distorted by an evolution religion fairy tale perspective.

How are Neutrons Controlled?

A Neutrino-Heh force united with Neutron-Daleth particle forming a white pearl with embedded negative polarity antennas or receptacles cannot be measured with our Daleth dimension instruments as they are invisible and belong to the infinite energy spectrum that is why they appear neutral to us.

Conventional theory needs a neutron between protons (dogs) chasing tail-nose which appear positive charged (repel) as they can be measured in the Daleth dimension in physics with instruments. Neutrons have no mass (nose-tail) and are placed between protons. However, they become the motor to push the dogs-protons around an apple splice analogue like white neutron pearl spaced between black proton pearl in a girls arm bracelet.

Science knows that the invisible head-nose neutrino possesses embedded motor intelligence controlling the body. The invisible neutron-neutrinos are linked to the Heh dimension and resonate like a higher C string in a piano or works like a transformer transferring energy in pulling the proton carriage across the apple slice in pendulum motion slowed down by a time dimension. That physical relationship works together like a white horse (neutron) pushing or pulling the black carriage (protons) lined up in a long chain all connected in series endless chasing around the apple slices.

The white neutron horse has an invisible polarity linked through the Heh-neutrino convergence which by nature is connected with the infinite energy side of the Heh dimension emanating from the Throne of God rainbow power source. It exerts force on the proton-positron carriage via a transformer laws scaling energy down to the Daleth dimension donut atom level and pushing the black pearl proton dogs with the velocity of a parabolic modified speed of light-time curve. That produces electrical current in a donut atom changing gravity into magnetism moving protons in a pendulum motion over so many small to large apple slices getting hot by repelling and friction emit light in a vacuum and eventually crystallized out as mass in elements.

They must follow the same principle laws of a transformer relocating high energy force reduced and scaled down a million times to our spectrum of the visible material world. As they run parallel like white-black pearls around the apple splice from a large to a small diameter inside the donut atom they are controlled by an pendulum intelligence embedded motion from ultraviolet low frequency spectrum to infrared color higher frequency rainbow spectrum acting on a build in memory doling out infinite Heh gravity energy in small chunks on the Daleth side.

Or the neutrino-neutrons oscillate from the invisible ultraviolet color spectrum pushing proton-positrons along the visible color rainbow spectrum corridor side toward the invisible infrared spectrum range like a horse moves the wagon in pendulum motion. That controls the velocity of neutron-proton pearl bracelet side from the Daleth perspective converting energy programmed by the color frequency intelligence embedded from the rainbow source over God’s Throne all in a pendulum motion. It transmits infinite energy scaled in a transformer fashion following in a pendulum apple splice motion North-South pole controlling nuclear energy exchanged from the infinite transposing into finite level decelerated down by neutrons pushing protons along the visible spectrum.

The rainbow colors become the carrier frequency transfers information through a space vacuum throughout the universe disbursed over a vast gravity ocean like light shines in a 360° circle and is not linear straight one-sided. Without that those color rainbow intelligence transmitted we would have an uncontrolled energy conversion too fast like demonstrated in an atomic bomb with voided intelligence embedded.






The parallel dual rail intelligence tract works like the lower ultraviolet frequency to the higher infrared frequency for controlling the 7:5 ratios running white neutron must conform to the entropy laws as they are 100%. But the visible color band 7:5 ratio blue-red is less hence the second Law of Thermodynamics applies.

In the 7:5 ratio equations we see that the visible color band (violet-blue-green-yellow-red) is pulled in the middle along with the framed invisible outside color band two extra pearls on each end which are invisible white neutron-neutrino calibrated getting their energy from the Heh dimension. In an apple donut starting from the small diameter like the black visible proton horse spends more energy going up the hill to the larger diameter and crossing over diminishing going down hill spending less energy. The downhill frequency is the violet frequency needs less but going uphill more as that extra energy is required to move toward the higher red color band width frequency side according to the Second Law of Entropy.

They correlate to the speed of light 186,000 mile/sec which was produced sideways by slowed down inertia squeezed out 90° in a pendulum rainbow color spectrum crossing over from the infinite energy side to the finite rainbow color side pulled along. In that process it uses up energy which is expressed as local heat like friction. (Remember dog protons avoiding a collision and pushing gravity sideways producing 90° of the flow magnetism producing electricity expressed in light). When friction as a result of squeezing magnetism becomes large it will glow red hot like in your light bulb chasing protons and emitting visible light frequencies will in a vacuum converted appear in various colors depending on the speed of parabolic light frequency. At that moment can be measured in a spectral analyzer with information embedded of how big the apple atom is spooning.

Therefore, the sun and galaxies we seen in the universe shows a restricted slowed down energy conversion caused by the rainbow intelligence acting as a color spectrum control mechanism across the big diameter to smaller North-South pole inside an donut atom. The pendulum motion oscillating velocity produces a combination light frequency later forming elements slowed down by the Second Law of Thermodynamics interacting with the First Law of the invisible white neutron pearl. Friction produced by slowing down energy is expressed 90° to the flow of proton-positron according to the three finger rule becoming hot which will turn into light in a vacuum and than send that converted light into space with information of various element spooning seen in spectral lines looking through a Hubble telescope.

So every time we see transformers on top of a telephone pole, think of where the energy comes from over a complex detour analogous to how your heart transfers energy to every cell with a proportioned allocation of fuel energy. That fuel was converted by solid elements via the bio-world photo synthetics visible-invisible light coming from the space – the sun. The sun is just a transformer converting infinite energy-gravity now become visible in a rainbow frequency transmitted in 8 minutes to earth with the speed of light which is the motor for all life and must function within a very narrow bandwidth.

I find examples everywhere I look one more to prove my point. A recent article in Science News:

"Love Code" - a twist of light only mantis shrimp can see

For love, some would twist the laws of physics. Short doing that, mantis shrimp communicates with the other sex by spinning light waves, biologists find. Light is made of electromagnetic waves. These are electrical and magnetic fields that wiggle perpendicular to each other and to the light ray’s direction.

Many invertebrates have sophisticated eyes that can detect wavelength of light invisible to humans. Some including bees, can also distinguish linearly polarized light. That when a light ray’s electric field wiggles not in varying direction, but rather in one precise direction that forms a right angle to the ray.....

That means that the electrical field twists like a corkscrew as the light ray moves. The corkscrew can twist right or left-or, in biological terms, be right-or left-handed. ...

The researchers found that some of the eyes’ light sensing cells double up as filters. The cells have microscopic structures. Like bristles of a tooth brush, that slightly slow (down) light with electrical fields parallel to the bristles, but not light with fields that are perpendicular. As a result, the twist of a circular polarized wave will be flattened into steady, linear polarized wiggle, which another layer of sensory cells can then detect. Depending on the arrangement, Bristle cells will select right- or left-handed polarization. This parsing enables mantis shrimp to distinguish the two types of light.

If you read further what these researchers discovered during their investigations, much is identical. They surmise the two light frequencies [7:5] ratio of the invisible to visible spectrum I am trying to explain within my donut theory. I find much that is similar to my donut theory as I see many applications in science and articles written by Davide Castelvecchi. This report opens up a much better perspective of understanding that is compatible with my science-based donut model.

Antikythera Clock Fits the Rainbow Pendulum System

For some strange reason we have an illustration how the Heh dimension rainbow could also be explained from the ancient 32-gear Antikythera bronze clock mechanism fished out from the ocean 100 years ago. It was dated older than 100 BC. I explain it in my third Babushka book free on the Internet, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

That clock has a 127-tooth gear system, which transfers a wobble movement into a fixed movement like an English Zoll to a metric system. It converts the past irregular calendar into a fixed system since Julius Caesar with no more axis wobble. Its design would fit an expanding universe model. Postulating a static universe raises questions about the mechanism: how do the dog chasing protons get slowed down from an expanding universe system? What was the added feature God inserted to create a time dimension to slow it down to become static?

The five colors seen above the Throne [violet-blue-green-yellow-red] in the Heh dimension (the other side=5) would be previously transmitted via an infinite intelligence light energy channel and end up inside a donut atom and causes the invisible white horse neutrons to push the black carriage protons in pendulum motion across the big to small apple slice.

Therefore, the higher energy level controlled by five transformer colors from the other side (Heh=5) has the speed reduction information embedded in the infinite energy spectrum. Consequently, in the expanding universe model, the previous pendulum motion swinging across the apple slice of chasing dog protons was thus faster with a shorter arc since the swinging pendulum creates atoms that are quicker with more power available like oxygen fuelling larger cell structures within the spooning atoms. Check out geology and archeology previously mentioned.

Did God Slow Down the Time Pendulum?

When Satan’s rebellion toke place in 4488 BC, it stopped an expanding universe with a big bang like the egg smashed on the anvil. Looking in the night sky, check out the appendix tables and check the dates. God inserted the material Daleth dimension of time and space with two extra invisible color bands attached to the rainbow spectrum of five colors to give us the seven colors controlling the same pendulum motion within the apple atom.

The dog protons chasing activity was modified reacting to the change by slowing down to create the inserted time dimension we recognize as the universe. The parabolic time curve arcing across the apple slice pendulum was affected when two pearls were added where it originally went faster with only five pearls. The Daleth dimension in my clock books has embedded a time dimension discovered previously in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) and is called (7) seven=Zayin age, which is the basis for the 7:5 ratio in the 7,000 cycle cuckoo clock of human history explained in my first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied.

The five Heh colors with two neutrino-neutrons added to the rainbow spectrum became 7 creation days, which were different than on our present calendar and also became the basis for the Zayin age of human history. In our application, the seven colors transpose the same HANS system and signify a Zayin age for the Daleth dimension. The atoms are modified, having now two neutrons added on either side from the previous five colors of the Heh dimension, which is now transposed on the Daleth side changing the original five visible colors with two invisible ultraviolet and infrared spectrum colors and the extra neutron-neutrino pairs added as a package of seven rainbow colors of the visible light spectrum.

That caused the pendulum motion to swing in much bigger arcs across the apple slices; therefore, they slowed down. In a time dimension, it takes longer to cross over with a pendulum motion. A longer pendulum makes for longer hours, too. Just think on my cuckoo clock hanging on my wall: we had a mechanism attached which would incrementally turn the adjustment nut a little on the end of the pendulum every time it was swinging by which made the pendulum length a tiny longer.

You can see the adjustment nut on the bottom of a large pendulum grandma clock. In time we would notice that the clock slowed down not keeping track of the original time as it was adjusted because the pendulum is getting longer. That represents a static universe that is no longer expanding or growing due to the slowdown of dog-protons chasing the tail within the donut atoms. In the static universe, the time dimension is slowing down and going sideways with a parabolic swing on a declining apple slice. The stroke of the swing is now larger with the extra invisible color neutron-neutrino pairs added on each end to expand from the previous spectrum of five colors to seven.

Read that whole paragraph again to make it sink in your consciousness. It is the key to understanding how an expanding universe became static ending in a Zayin age with seven creation day cycles designed for humanity and built into a donut atom. Just adding two neutrons in the Daleth dimension, or two neutrinos in the rainbow intelligence equation above God’s Throne, changed the Heh–Daleth dimension to a Jod dimension.

Scientists are spending 100 billion dollars in underground coal mine, a mile deep within the earth, to capture a neutrino with massive instrument detectors immersed in a pool of heavy water. They will never succeed in measuring Heh dimension energy neutrinos particles coming from rainbow above God’s Throne even if they spent another 100 billion dollars!

Infinite Energy Dispenser Principle

We need another model from a dual rail perspective to explain how is infinite energy is reassigned and converted with a transformer feature to the Daleth side in small, finite chunks. The Antikythera clock can help once more. Gears of a cuckoo clock are mechanically designed to convert gravity and dole it out in small increments connected to a dial. We say that time is measured in minutes, seconds or hours. The Antikythera clock was designed differently from our kitchen clock: it has a gear system to measure a time increments that are slowing down due to a slowing earth axis wobble that scientists do not know about. This is why the Antikythera clock is still puzzling them after a hundred years of study.

Looking inside the donut atom measures a time dimension too and has gears doing the same doling out infinite gravity energy in smaller chunks at least a million to one time like a transformer. If we understand the apple slices of our donut each has a series of smaller diameter which looks like gears in a clock, and let’s says we have on either side 10 gear slices declining. Then imagine a tooth pattern: on the outside diameter there are (5) five colored teeth embedded in the outer periphery around the diameter. Therefore, we have from the center parallel a total of 20 apple slice gears getting smaller in diameter shaped like a apple ball but now looking like gears with an embedded color teeth pattern assembled side by side the bigger diameter declining and ending with a North-South pole all having a five color pattern embedded in the outside periphery of the gear apple slice. That looks to me like a clock calculator having 20 parallel gears on one axis.

Now let’s imagine that the invisible white neutron horse connected to the infinite energy pushing the protons carriage is sliding on the outside of the apple donut ball at very high infinite speed which has the same (5) five color pattern replicated between two invisible body neutron one side is ultraviolet the other infrared with five visible color frequency bands in between packaged totaled now seven rainbow color all boxed in like a DNA chain like we have illustrated in the Chinese hieroglyphs color spectrum.






As the Chinese neutron color pattern is framed by 2+5 DNA color chain, it slides on the outside periphery of the donut ball gears and matches with one of a declining diameter apple slice gears at a certain position perfectly. When that happens, it will link up with a corresponding five color tooth pattern embedded in the gear.

As one gear diameter is perfectly aligned with the (5) five protons color tooth pattern, the gear embedded with the (5) five color pattern of the neutron package will link up with it and then push the gear apple slice one time around. After that, it becomes disengaged as it no longer fits the diameter because by getting smaller it keeps moving after one turn.

Remember the white neutron Chinese DNA package is the horse that is transferring gravity force from the Heh dimension. It will pass that energy to the black carriage pearl, but only one turn, as it gets disengaged at the moment the diameter becomes smaller, sliding on the outside of the gear ball. Though now disengaged, it keeps turning a million times at infinite speed inside every donut atom until it reaches the next smaller gear diameter apple slice again sliding sideways still in the pendulum motion mode.

When the diameter matches again with the second gear, it corresponds with the color tooth pattern to the five Chinese color DNA pattern recognized and waiting. It must fit exactly, which will then turn the second gear apple slice once around. They do not physically touch each other since they rotate at different speeds. Instead, they are linked like a transformer passing along, or radiating, the information like a “C” string resonating with another “c” string one octave higher resembling a transformer.

It is like the Chinese DNA chain neutron package hydro foiling with high speed over the apple gears getting smaller. Disengaging the second gear one turn latter, it moves again a million times keep sliding sideways to the next gear apple slices with the speed of light to move once around again intermittently to the last gear making 10 times a million turns - always passing a little chunk of energy by turning the apple gear slice once around and transferring infinite energy summed up now slowed down to a donut atom.

They repeat their journey on the other side going uphill to the largest diameter across again swinging like a pendulum where they intermittently engage a slice here and there to the next turning. That would end up being a transformer of high speed energy reduced to finite 186,000 miles/sec. We can see in spectral lines donuts spooning various elements with a mixture ratio of 700 million to one times (1,000,000x10x2xDx _) energy conversions matching five–seven color DNA band tooth fitting rainbow color system. The infinite energy reduced to finite chunks of energy ending at the velocity of light in the Daleth dimension 186,000 miles a second but getting smaller according to a parabolic time dimension. What a perfect clock doling out time and gravity energy for a static universe that eventually ends up with the pendulum motion stopped on the bottom floor =Taw just like my cuckoo clock.

The Cuckoo Clock in Heaven

The Bible tells us there is a rainbow above God’s Throne. We have discovered the relationship of spectral colors within a rainbow and know that the violet color has lower frequency moving up frequency scale to the shorter wave length hence higher red color. That represents a clock and does not necessary need gears. A sand clock or hour glass clock measures time too without gears.

Our modern clock is made from silicon like computer chips which uses atom discharge which happened in a certain time period spliced out makes a wrist watch to a bedroom alarm clock. The energy comes by a detour from a battery which stored electricity coming from the apple splice movement of our donut atom. NASA uses the decay of atoms more direct without the detour you heard about on TV and named it the atom clock. It is the most accurate clock ever because it is utilizing the apple slice movements too within the donut pendulum which has a certain velocity slowing down infinite light to finite light we can measure.

Scientists do not know what I just explained in one sentence, but is that simple. Scientists cannot know the inner makings of an atom and must explain it with fairy tales made up as they only have seen fractured atoms put on the anvil destroyed to smithereens like the egg splattered on the wall and scraped off in a cloud chamber. Not the best method to investigate how the atom works. So the rainbow above God’s Throne is a clock that measures time in some way, which surprised me greatly.

In a Heh dimension, eternity has an embedded time dimension. It should be a paradox just like we see an expanding and at the same time a contracting fixed static universe.

Take your finger and start on the rainbow violet blue side and move it across the other color bands ending on red. What you did represents a time dimension concept, which in a transformer-transmission model is replicated in every donut atom across apple slices. Your finger movement in science terms is called velocity, which is your finger moving so far in so many seconds. In our case, a time dimension moved in a certain distant measured in meter or fraction of meter.

The heavenly rainbow has embedded a time dimension system like intelligence controls a process within the cell which is the same inside the donut atom controlling the velocity of infinite light to end in the visible finite light spectrum reduced to smaller chunks of energy packages. The rainbow in heaven above the Throne is the clock controlling every atom in the universe - not one is left out. If it does not have that timing intelligence embedded, it cannot be an atom.

Atoms need three forces starting with gravity from God’s presents around the glassy sea producing magnetism forming electricity slowing down a parabolic time dimension bathed in light 186,000 sec/miles measure in the three finger rule function together become atoms, which eventually become elements ending in a universe forming our earth living as biological being closing the loop with our spirit linking with the Heh dimension ending where it all started in front of God’s Throne with a rainbow above. A long sentence of a closed circle read it again.

The rainbow embedded intelligence tells the force which way to go which produces an atom. Without that intelligence there is no atom. Intelligence added to the nothing becomes some thing was my first statement now proven. That long sentence is not finished must have one more which is “Purpose.”

My dear reader, you have been very patient reading thus far but this is the first time all of physics can be explained logically how God created the universe and how does it function. My theory came through intuition. God used me as a willing conductor, unexplainable to me, as I wrote it down every day a page before sunrise because I am so forgetful. If I did not write it down it was soon lost, so I realized that I had better get with it and record it.

I am only a willing tool for transmission because I am rather stupid. Just asks my kids. Do not think for a moment that this stuff was from my brain. I need to read it over again. As a German, I still have problems with English as there is more buried. Believe me, the discoveries just keep coming, never ending.

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