Section 6 -
Why do we have a Universe?



An Expanding, Dynamic Universe

Originally, the Heh universe was build up by a process of billions of “thin” donut atoms - apple slices growing from infinite energy that was converted. A time dimension did not exist; therefore, “thin” donut atoms were growing faster. They had bigger atom-cell structures with a shorter pendulum swing across the apple slices in the donut atom model controlling a higher nuclear energy conversion from the infinite to finite light spectrum.

The shorter pendulum swing within the donut atom was caused by the fewer number of (5) original color rainbow frequency controlling proton-positrons. Remember, the transformer concept and three finger rules. However, a cosmic time event was reported in the Bible took place when the original egg got smashed on the anvil at the moment of Satan’s rebellion.

Thereafter, God created a new dimension Jod. The old Heh dimension got frozen and is still around and will end with the Daleth dimension in Taw according to changed embedded color frequency rainbow laws like a slowing cuckoo clock pendulum converting gravity demonstrates. The rainbow frequency was at that moment increased by two neutrinos-neutrons added to create a 7-color rainbow spectrum that increased the energy ration to 7:5, according to a Hebrew Alphabet Number System. That caused a change in the universe inserting a transition period of a parabolic time dimension which interlinked and established a Daleth dimension of time and space to fulfill God’s Plan for Humanity. But God left most lights on in the static universe with a good number of galaxies burning but at a diminished, though sustained, energy level.

Let’s review it once more as it is so new to science to understand the formation of planets with further possibilities planned by God. Since he started the creation for a probable future biological life replicated for other beings. The Bible talks about extraterrestrial beings like angels or future redeemed Humanity which could be occupying many places throughout an expanded universe. Thinking about purpose for the Heh dimension must include possibilities which could have a bearing on what we postulate.

If God wanted to duplicate thousands of galaxies, why would he stop creating more with different beings similar to us? Duplication of galaxies is obtained by a process how donut atoms come into being. We have learned that converted infinite energy is transferred by gravity from a source and is sucked inside the black hole of an existing galaxy. That eventually created more donut atoms which crystallized out forming elements assembled from a flat donut evolving into fat ball geometry donut by adding apple slices.

I asked the question why? The answers come from investigating nature and watch a propagation process. In the ocean reef on a certain moon tide night, a sudden explosion of a billion plankton seed cloud is carried away to other locations. Wherever they settle another coral reef will start.

That would be a good model as we see huge explosions in the universe and many other variations from dust to egg fragments and planets. What is obvious for us to see is an expanding universe picture but could be frozen in time like a snapshot not to be fooled.

But nevertheless the picture shows the atomic process at the time of the explosion and expanding. Galaxies grow and turn into like a pregnant woman. When cells grow and get added by intake food energy from a source eventual will burst forth and like pollen travel far and wide.

That little donut atom billion ejected into space will be like seeds or planktons ticking with a pendulum programmed by the white neutron horse pushing the protons-positron carriage around an apple slice in pendulum motion within a single atom now multiplied. As infinite energy converted to finite light is added the atom grows and is replicated in another mother atom galaxy continued a billion times.

Since a time dimension does not exist the pendulum is faster as the apple slices are closer together until a time dimension was introduced with a big bang which is Satan’s rebellion even some evolution scientist to notice. God laid his home on the anvil and made him homeless which stopped a dynamic Heh universe from growing. The snapshot universe we see in space became a frozen expansion.

A Static Universe Frozen in Time

Looking further in space examining a static universe snapshot we see various stages of frozen galaxies, debris like my egg smashed on the anvil of previous explosions and fully formed planets. On the molecular donut level side the micro cosmos transformer side we can see the same original design replicated in a universe by a thin donut with a black hole growing bigger and became thicker into the direction to a fat apple by adding slices for more dog protons to go around and around.

It is controlled by a rainbow intelligence system moving like a pendulum across the apple slices forming different elements spooning but is now restricted by a build-in time dimension range. God created a time dimension as his planned redemption for his universe and correct what went wrong. The Heh dimension expansion was stopped and is slowing down by the laws of a flywheel governed by a parabolic time dimension. It is causing the pendulum to swing incrementally wider within every donut atom by just adding a pair of neutrinos on the seven rainbow color spectrum above his Throne.

It changed the intelligence rainbow transmission information frequency from five to seven as explained in the 7:5 ratios Hebrew Alphabet Number System now changed information transferred via the gravity carrier entering every atom nucleus in the universe causing time in a parabolic curve to be slowed down. Therefore the infinite energy decelerates to a wider arc according to a parabolic time curve now measured in 2008 about 186,000 mile/sec. It stopped the original reproduction system of a fast expanding universe no longer evolving into pregnant galaxy now static and dying.

Repeated in the donut atom model adding layers of apple slices within its body created fatter donut atoms from infinite light then later exploded giving birth for more pregnant galaxies setting off more galaxies in space giving birth to millions atoms.

Those bunched atom debris function like seeds to start the process over getting infinite energy growing again from single clustered atoms like seeds spit out from the galaxy now growing again bigger apple splices becoming fat donuts again. The cycle previously repeated a million times expanding a universe with more galaxies more homes for future extraterrestrial beings like we see on our earth as an example has now ended.

The reason of that design system can only be understood by recognizing the structure of the original Heh apple splices. Understanding the process of forming elements expanding into galaxies converting into many big round planets multiplying again producing galaxies, but got stopped growing which became the Daleth dimension inserted into the system. The cause was a rebellion of Satan the highest official in God’s administration. That gave reason for the Daleth dimension to be infused between the Heh and Jod dimension and needed a time dimension to work out reconciliation arrangement linked with God’s Plan for Humanity. The time dimension is the cause to stop the procreation system of atoms now ending in a static universe.

Nature teaches us that bio-seeds conform to two stage systems. The seed must first die, converted and is born again to a higher level. It is like my wife asked to not turn on the water at the kitchen sink while she takes a shower only so much hot water flowing from the source. The other valve is the new Jod dimension added getting more hot infinite water flowing in that direction whereas the kitchen Daleth usage is declining getting colder linked with our old Heh dimension world got broken through a previous rebellion.

The universe flywheel Daleth motor is turned off no longer getting infinite energy and is now running down at lower velocity finite visible light energy getting slower with less energy conversion in the bio world heading for more extinction and will stop at the end of the time in the Taw equation. The lights of the galaxies are still burning as Humanity’s Plan not finalized yet but soon will be shut off too about 3018 HANS and Bible calendar forecasting 66 witnesses testifying too many for simple people.

The scientist sees the evidence of an expanding universe but also recognize a bewildering paradox much confusing of a running out time dimension declining. That cannot be both as the energy math equation does not equalize out unless you are instructed from God’s perspective the only solution to the problem.

Cosmology scientists postulate that there must be four levels of universes should consider only three, which could make a math equation come out right like a three finger rule as the Bible tells us of Daleth-Heh dimension level has been changed into a new Jod dimension from God’s perspective. The previous expansion model forming galaxies got stopped by a time dimension as God turned off the intelligence energy coming from the rainbow above his Throne. The energy is now trimmed down to a level only to leave the galaxies lights on but not enough to create new donut atoms.

To understand that principle previously before the Heh dimension disaster, the creation process for a universe transformed down to the donut atom level was designed that infinite energy converted creates more apple slices added controlled by rainbow intelligence pendulum. It is the process of creating more neutron horses pushing the protons -positron carriage in transformer conversion linked with infinite light to create more atoms forming galaxies ending in a cold planet. That process got stopped converting infinite energy to gravity by a parabolic time dimension running out of the initial energy like a flywheel suspended the flow of energy which will run out and will be ending in Zero-Taw according to the energy equation.

Processes Forming the Universe

I noticed that the rainbow above God’s Throne is curved which is even seen on our Daleth earth rainbow, too. Why curved?

The light which comes from space can be split apart in a prism which shows us a rainbow color spectrum with the longer blue wavelength on one side moving across the shorter red spectrum light on the other end. That means reassembled the light will not go straight but turn into a big circle like a rainbow.

It is like your car has one front wheel out of alignment and pulling the car into a circle and not straight. Many scientists where fooled and postulated looking into space that a red shift would mean an expanding universe but what we see is light not going straight but in an arc forming galaxies. Our eyes respond more to shorter wavelength therefore we have traffic lights with a red color as even semi blind people can recognize that color.

Therefore, when gravity is forming elements we can observe them in galaxies as their trail usually in two arms spiraling getting closer into a circle. Typically, we can observe two development stages in the universe like the Andromeda galaxy has the tightest spiral arm causing the biggest black hole.

Conversely those with the loosest arms have the smallest hole. That shows a development stage when light-gravity-element trail explained in my donut theory begins to condense circling around because of the rainbow color intelligence frequency thereafter forming a center with a little hole which gets bigger with arms getting tighter.

Since we have proton and neutron polarity more fully explained next we should expect to see two arms only building up to a swirl getting tighter until the apple donut is round and fat we call it a planets with two polarities like North or South if not burst before to start more planets in an expanding universe model. This can be verified recently with special color filters like using infrared images from NASA Spitzer Telescope viewing the Milky Way galaxy always believed to have four swirling arms.

Now that idea needs to be changed back to a previous opinion as my donut atom must be replicated in a galaxy forming mass getting bigger as the same donut atom laws apply. It must be condensed with only two arms controlled by atoms embedded with neutron-proton Heh-Daleth polarity. We must not forget what we see now is a static universe is like a stopped movie - only one picture frame is projected in the middle of an fast expanding process no longer moving. It shows a single frame of how round solid earth bodies were previously formed.

The cameras sent into space bring back pictures of planets with strange rings. What a wonderful illustration how the final touch of forming our earth has happened adding some crystallized matter like water droplets condensed of dirt-dust sucked by gravity into a final ball plugging up the previous black hole of a fat apple donut now shrunk from a beginning galaxy. It is like a process imagined, if you remember my previous illustration, all of the universe could be condensed inside a one pound coffee can. An expanded earth ball planet would look like that.

Or in reverse, is like having an half full cup of soap bubbles and blowing with a straw a huge mountain of bubbles having fun as a kid how big we could make it grow now stopped blowing. That illustration is what we see in the universe all connected to infinity light soap bubble energy but need God’s breath, the same given to Adam to make it appear as an expanding universe.

Therefore, looking into space see various stages of forming galaxies from a different perspective and can delineate the smashed egg from Lucifer’s trouble material frozen in a time dimension stopped in the process from forming galaxies ending in planets confusing scientist postulating many fairy tales not understanding the system. Seeing an expanding universe and at the same time slowing down time a paradox only explained in a donut theory highlighted by the Bible.

[Neutrino-Neutron] vs. [Neutron-Neutrino]

A two-leg polarization illustrated in galaxies and within the apple donut has two possibilities being the leader in the horse pushing the carriage. Both by nature are bathed in infinite light controlled by the rainbow color frequency over God’s Throne.

A polarity has embedded intelligence if purposed could go into different direction still running parallel along the same energy highway but end up with two polarized action not the same. The Hebrew [Daleth-Heh] or [Heh–Daleth] ratio makes that clear with a big mathematically difference not identical like 7:5 ratio [7/5=1.4] or 5:7 ratio [5/7=.7].

We can postulate from this if the Daleth side is leading causes dead donut atoms forming elements and if the Heh side is leading would develop into living bio donut atoms but still with the same color rainbow intelligence embedded. The life energy color band would only need the Neutrino-Neutron polarity reversed one leg linked to the HEH-Heh dimension polarity, which could be the Jod dimension.

The reversal polarity of neutrinos has embedded additional information which causes the same atom structure but with supplementary life energy overlaid coming from a one notch higher energy level. The Aleph=1 [+one] force is embedded in every atom but coming from Jod=10 dimension only a zero added to the equation 1:10, which would develop into bio-life donut atoms one notch higher.

If we multiply the ratio with each other (7/5x5/7) we get [+one] = Aleph the total source of energy embedded in all Atoms. Therefore in the math equation the energy can go either way and philosophical they are related like 2:1 [7/5=1.4; 5/7=.7]. You need twice the Heh dimension energy [2x.7=1.4] which could be Jod to equal one of the Daleth dimension donut atom.

Do the simple math of two Heh (5) added together is Jod (10) [5+5=10] Heaven therefore too has two polarities Heh expanded to a higher level Jod the Bible is teaching it all along not yet understood by theologians not having investigated HANS now figured out with our math.

I stated earlier that the five color intelligence frequency coming from the heavenly rainbow would form faster element because of a shorter pendulum crossing over the apple slice. That would give us atoms for an expanded universe because the time dimension does not exist. Than God modified it for a declining universe time dimension getting slower in a parabolic time curve now added two invisible colors spectrums either side like my Chinese spectral color picture shows.






Both color spectral intelligence patterns are transferred simultaneously but with a difference. One is the leader, oscillating like an old-fashioned On=Off light signal sent by a battleship of an outdated movie communicated with each other with blinking lights before space telephone where invented. You had to know the sequence that was started first, or you would be confused: instead going to lunch, the captain fired the cannons at the other side, which was not so friendly nor expected.

Fun aside, Jesus demonstrated that Jod dimension principle in his resurrection expressing a higher life form level belonging to a new universe concept explaining it to people not educated in high-tech 2,000 years ago. He demonstrated a new dimension witnessed by many people in the Gospel walking through solid wall, which created confusion. He also ate fish, which seems normal and not something a spirit phantom would do.

Thomas, a realist, needed to touch his body agreed by all in the upper room but later Jesus disappeared in seconds to appear somewhere else indicating different time dimension. That further more demonstrated his overcoming gravity without technical high-tech assistance. Jesus floated up and was seen by 500 witnesses as he disappeared into the clouds without a helicopter. The Jod dimension is therefore different belongs to the third cosmos universe now recognized to have a primary function expanding with newly created people programmed to become the Saints whereas the Heh side is frozen declining ending in Taw.


Looking into the universe, we see the same laws illustrated in forming galaxies starting with a small hole evolving with two polarizations around a North-South pole area indicating like something plus or minus stretching and forming into a hole with two arms circling around the nucleus like our Milky Way has two arms too now photographed with a better filter.

So the seventh Daleth dimension priority of the 7:5 ratio will determine atoms with no life. The source is the Heh control room within the heavenly rainbow, but if the rainbow color pattern comes from the Jod dimension [5:7], it needs two Heh components that would form living atoms both still have the same dual nature expanding or finite nature embedded depending on the five or seven color spectrum sent from the Throne.

The four-plex system is the basics for heaven-earth physics and must delineate forces by source and polarity. Both Heh (5) predominating components become a horse will give us a living donut forming into two chromosomes polarized from a proton-positron depending on a carriage polarization arrangement, which has two possibilities, too.

Back at the carriage positron-proton level we have the same polarity arrangement which could also function reversed. Depending who is the leader in the polarity equation the source would decide where it will end. All is planned every atom must follow laws leading from one step to another controlled and supervised by intelligence. Without that system you have chaos or nothing.

Deciding where every atom must go is a management function coming from a Heh computer as we do the same on earth in high technology. Check out our Check out how nuclear power stations controlled with software still need watchful eyes of an additional higher intelligence or watch a nuclear catastrophe experienced in Russia.

It is as if God controls the speed of his stretched limousine with a pedal pushing a little more here or there, balancing to have history repeated for humanity or decelerated time dimension even Dr. Albert Einstein noticed checking out the universe. To arrive at the juncture of the Apocalypse 2008-2015, according to the schedule to be right on time, he must speed up the train of the time dimension or slow down a little to arrive on the station to the minute.

The energy intelligence of the [7:5] or [5:7] ratio inside the apple slice donut atoms will link up with the Heh control center assigned either a grey or white domineering horse pushing the carriage positron. Again, a polarity having two different adjustment invisible color pearls embedded we either get a life-donut atom or a dead one we know very well the difference. Revelation 6 with seven seal broken indicates four horses each have different colors too like white and red blood particles in our body. Maybe the first two seal horse belongs together as the other makes up the other pair. Again the carriage site has two possibilities of polarity, too.

Looking at the formation of a human being, we can learn about reversal polarity of proton-positron. Depending who is the carriage leader we have a chromosome either male or female all in a combination four-plex combination. When we observe in a Petri dish human cell division, we see they grow more and more. Than comes a point we see a sausage shape forming moving toward a polarization left to right extreme. One side will eventually form into head with front legs the other the tail ends side by a mystery signal given now is time to form organs all determined by combination of X-Y chromosome determining the two sexes polarized.

Therefore, twice Heh (like two extra invisible neutrino pearls) is the extra information needed for a life donut atom equation.

Have another look of a dog proton-positron pair chasing around and around in a donut atom. They could be going around either clockwise or anticlockwise within the donut. The predominating neutrino-neutron is the leader horse to tell the direction controlled by the same intelligence color spectrum. That four-plex arrangement determines whether the atom will form into the direction with embedded life or form later into elements without life either ending in a biology or geology department where it can be studied.

When something biological dies, various donuts atoms are wrapped up with a double Heh energy component package and when they are disconnected from the intelligence rainbow frequency will therefore be collapsing into the lower domain the remaining Daleth Donut atom level of a [7:5] ratio conforming and being subject to entropy laws controlled by a parabolic time dimension. That would define death never explained in any atom theory level.

When one of the dual Heh life force within the Donut atom is disconnected (the additional Heh needs two components in the 5:7 ratio), it loses one of the Heh force components and what remains is a Daleth atom ratio [7:5] imprinted in lifeless atoms. However, the leftover liberated Heh component does not disappear but returns to the source where it came from since it is a closed looped energy intelligence circle system no information lost for further evaluation.

The returned Heh component carries along the modified intelligence information now recorded back to the Heh control upper room computer where it came from. The result will be printed out later in a Book of Life where records are kept from the original attached with the user name where the intelligence came from and was modified. It will be used to further evaluate was God’s gift used properly in the system of choosing good or ended up with corruption of evil. That information is useful for a reward or if failed deny access for further benefit collected in the Jod dimension. We have the same control system in a nuclear power station sending you a bill for payment or check it out in the Bible what happened at the White Throne the Heh dimension billing department if you refused the bill not paid for by Jesus still owning money on the last day of reckoning.

Let’s look at another example how the life atom system works as the Bible describes the bearer of life is in the blood read (Leviticus 17:11) “for the life of the flesh is in the blood.” The Hebrew word for living body is nefesh, which means “soul.” To consume blood was strictly forbidden by God to Old and New Testament people alike as it linked to the Messiah made atonement with his own shed blood too precious for duplication or polarization which became the foundation of a new covenant to reconcile man to God. Sin can only be atoned for through a blood sacrifice from the Heh dimension.

In physics, analyzing blood we see its duality with two polarity forces exemplifying the most essential elements in our body which is a life force embedded from the Heh side energy reservoir. The main dog-pearls within the donut atom forming blood are white and red blood cells regulating the proper function vital in maintaining our health embedded with intelligence. Their polarity will influence our psychological moods since they are connected to the Heh dimension we recognize as spirit with a mental outlet.

Extreme loss of blood can lead to loss of consciousness or even death as it is disconnected from the intelligence without cannot exist. We know now where the intelligence comes from. The main function of blood is transforming oxygen from the lungs to other tissues in the body generated by Donut atoms dog chasing proton-positrons pushed by life transferring neutrinos energy coming from God’s presents in a transformer mode closing the circle.

Go back to the section “What are dog chasing inside the donut atom” which explained the 4-plex aspect polarization expressed in nature which makes up biological life embedded in A-C-G-T (adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine) building blocks elements. Above God’s Throne the rainbow is the Heh control room for the universe where energy for dead atoms forming elements or life atoms are doled out according to God’s desire. He can like a car pedal increase the velocity using intelligence frequency of five color spectrum or seven or reverse 4-plex position which will determine either simple ordinary Daleth donut atoms growing or ending in slowing down mode. Also, life embedded Heh Donut atom too either expanding or diminishing embedded with the Heh life force by just adding an extra Heh component making it into a two times Heh energy equation [5:7] and packaged the extra energy needed depending which rainbow frequency polarity is used.

Come to think a closer observation what we see on earth. Since the five (5) rainbow color spectrum was changed to a seven (7) with two invisible neutrinos added that would stop new atoms being created except those with embedded life coming from the Jod source. Like the universe became static that would include earth too. I can only observe new life atoms appearing in an increased population as the old atoms without life just get recycled from what has been from a static earth perspective. It must conform to the Second law of entropy energy equation. Therefore we will only notice a seven color frequency intelligence rainbow no longer active with five colors as the rest is heading toward extinction-Taw.

To sum up this crazy Donut Atom with embedded life needs two energy sources Heh and Jod:

  1. One is for the dead atoms; the other where life is embedded.
  2. The 7:5 ratio was meant for the Daleth dimension.
  3. The 5:7 ratio was meant for the Heh-Jod Dimension.
  4. Both use the same color intelligence frequency package for an expanding or declining universe.
  5. The four-plex polarity controls where the infinite energy is directed to become finite like a transformer to do some work according to a pre designed layout.

God can modify the sequence of the two different color intelligence pattern like an On-Off computer Zero=One software language but is asymmetrical more complex [7:5]=[5:7] and align priorities depending to his Plan for Humanity to arrive punctually to a day and hour like a cuckoo clock has a bird for that purpose. It can be adjusted by a pendulum to synchronize a local NASA time now dated with a schedule revealing the Apocalypse 2008-2015, the fulcrum of God’s purpose for Humanity as expressed in a coming resurrection event embedded and articulated in the Bible the very first three words in Genesis and the last two words in Revelation a five-plex word sentence:

God created the Saints.



A New World Order

Expanding into a Jod Dimension Universe.


Genes-Donut Atom Marriage

It is time to bring closure to my new Donut Atom model. The implications of this model expand almost daily as more is revealed on how the physics of the material universe aligns with the metaphysics of the spiritual dimension. It is like examining an iceberg - the unseen mass is mostly underwater.

Monorail science divides the universe into organic and inorganic matter. It is like two different departments. Life is the division marker, but that does not help us in figuring out its essential nature. In fact, no one denying the dynamic existence of a Creator can correctly define what life is.

Spending billions on massive, atom smasher cyclotrons will never reveal how an atom is made because the result of the smashing is only hundreds of classified pieces of the whole reassembled according to fairy tale opinions to keep people employed with high salaries. When we see the functioning hi-tech atom, we should first ask how its internal intelligence works so well before we smash it with the accelerator hammer in the cyclotron anvil.

Enormous intelligence is embedded in the smallest cell. That fact should make one wonder where it comes from or how intelligence existed before the first atom’s assembly?

Looking for the [+One] force could give us the answer. That force is found in both the material and spiritual departments, though we are trained to think only of inorganic and organic. Life must fit like a glove even within the atom structure to make the proton chase his tail like a dog.

By analogy, this embedded intelligence speaks to us before we attempt to make theories from so many cyclotron Nebelkammer tests. It is like scraping manure off the wall in a dairy barn: scientists will never figure out how much milk was produced by using the manure (smashed atoms) residues of quantum mechanics scraped off the wall of the Nebelkammer.

Investigating genetic models might lead us to a better atomic theory. In cells, DNA chains are made from four nucleotide subunits: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine the four building blocks A-C-G-T. By simply rearranging these 4 building blocks in a different order, we get a human body of 40 billion cells.

Within DNA we can find the intelligence embedded in the particulars of the specific sequence. Studying the order and associations provides understanding. When the order is out of control, diseases come about. The body will die because it no longer functions right.

The methodology of genetic studies could lead to a better understanding how atoms react with each other. In the inorganic world, we can mix and melt together different metals like tin with copper to get bronze. Mixing nickel into iron makes a much stronger, rust-free alloy. That is a bit like mixing genes, too. Read my Babushka book, Genetic Modification Exposed!. You will learn how it works.

Cell DNA usually takes a double helix in which two individual DNA strands twist around each other in a right-handed spiral. In this structure, the rules specify that guanine pairs with cytosine, and adenine pairs with thymine so that each pair contains one purine and one pyrimidine.

It is similar to the horse and carriage arrangement in my Donut Atom theory. The base pairing between guanine and cytosine forms three hydrogen bonds, whereas the base pairing between adenine and thymine forms two hydrogen bonds. The two strands in a double helix must therefore be complementary, that is, their bases must align such that the adenines of one strand are paired with the thymines of the other strand, and so on.

That matches my Donut Atom model example of the pealed apple slices. One strand goes up around the North or South Pole and then comes down again with a bunch of positron wolves repelling each other to create magnetism. If you pulled the slices apart, it would look like the double helix DNA structure with two twisted paired strands joint on each side and dual fingers extended, pointing to the other side.

To state it again, the hydrogen atom pairing between guanine and cytosine forms three hydrogen bonds, whereas the base pairing between adenine and thymine forms two hydrogen bonds. That arrangement is embedded in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) expressed in the Hebrew finger hand rule 1+4=5.

Five hydrogen bonds like (5=the other side) metaphysical dimension overlay the Donut Atom proton-positron and opposite the neutrino-neutron polarity arranged in a horse and carriage metaphor, which is 4 of the hand rule equation. One more force is added [the +One] force making it 5 in the equation to link four more DNA molecules.

The number 5 in HANS means the control room in the Heh dimension of the metaphysical site of creation, which controls the Daleth dimension of our physical being like a person standing in front of a mirror reflects a duplicate in two dimensions (Daleth) like a shadow. The human body structure of two legs and two arms polarity plus the head (the +One force) is similar to the design of an atom - like a Babushka doll/egg series they all look identical though being different sizes.

The atoms making up the material universe and the genes making up a person look the same as galaxies. Even God demonstrates the same picture as God said that people are made in his image and after his likeness. It is one Babushka egg within another - all with the same design pattern.

Previously, I explained that, for humans, reality lies in front of us when looking into a mirror . The human in front of the mirror represents the Heh dimension of the invisible spirit residing unseen in every person because that spirit abides in the eternal reality of the invisible Heh dimension. All that anyone can see naturally, what seems real to us, is like the two dimensional image in the mirror. The invisible intelligent consciousness must be revealed by talking to the (+One) force, which gives us eternal substance or Gestalt.

Each person has embedded within himself or herself the divine breath from the (+One) force that has been passed down since Adam. It is recognized as “life” but cannot be measured. Science does not know if it is solid, liquid or gas, and it can only be explained as an invisible neutrino. God’s breath will return at death leaving the body to decay into elements. The identifying markers seen in the seven rainbow colors of the light spectrum will have some kind of analog marker in a person’s DNA.

A hydrogen Donut Atom with two polarized pairs of proton-neutrinos will form like DNA - either forming an organic or inorganic structure. A s an inorganic gas, it becomes useful for fuel, or it combines readily with other elements to form various compounds. However, the [+One] intelligent force must be added to make it into something over 100% imparting life to atoms. Genes behave similarly inside the Donut Atom with two Daleth-Heh particles each having a polarity like protons-neutrons.

Remember the new Donut Atom entropy laws mentioned earlier. If infinite energy intelligence is added to nothing, it becomes something. It is raised to a level over 100% because nothing can only reproduce nothing, which is less than 100% conforming to the laws of entropy. Again, if we add infinite intelligence (+One) force to the nothing (inorganic), it becomes something with “Life” as defined in my Donut Atom theory.

In my earlier analogy, DNA act like a horse with a carriage. One has the driving motor [+One] force embedded in neutrinos putting everything in motion like in an atomic nucleus. I discovered that the [+One] force is linked to the invisible neutrino, which has two polarity coming from the infinity energy source. Both sub-particles have a (+/-) polarity analogous to the DNA peptide four building blocks of A-C-G-T.

In genes, we have the same Babushka egg model of a few bunched-up atoms aligned together to make combinations similar to metal alloys. Every lady has some gold to wear at special times, but it is often alloyed with silver or copper to make it harder as gold by itself is very soft.

DNA alloyed chains of peptides are like the chains of Donut Atoms. The structure makes it either hard as steel-strong muscles or soft as fat. The atoms with its proton-neutrino polarity controlled by intelligence the [+One] force gives it Gestalt sustenance to exist as detected by our five senses - now expanded by genetic research. The DNA investigation process makes it possible to see the invisible arrangement structures of atoms. That could explain physics instead of the present theories dressed up in fairy tale opinions postulated from hundreds smashed broken particles stuck formlessly on the Nebelkammer walls.

The rainbow colors in a prism give us information about all the Donut Atoms through the spectral lines still not crystallized out as elements. They behave like genes, still forming in an alloy DNA code. All must be controlled by the embedded intelligence of the (+One) force to end up on the end of so many equations and come to rest like the Hebrew philosophy expresses it in Taw, a process at rest.

Many elements crystallize to form the minerals that make up the earth. God used the mineral dust to form Adam, a living being proven in physics and now exposed with so many DNA sequences. God breathed the [+One] (neutrino) force into his body. You can read about in Genesis 2 and 3.

Through Satan’s rebellion, a reverse polarity came about to rearrange the donut atoms into today’s DNA system. It stopped the universe from expanding according to God’s purposed plan. A restoration is coming by inserting a parabolic time dimension to replace Satan and his friends. This is why God created mankind on a two cycle system like a caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly illustrated for simple people.

This reverse polarity is now continued in the fractured static universe - like an egg smashed on the anvil of God’s wrath. It made Satan homeless. To begin to fix the problem of rebellion so that sin would never again recur, a Plan for Humanity was developed to match the theory of atoms as a system of revealing the (+One ) force that exists in our bodies. If you think that you are alive, then another explanation defining intelligence is needed than what is not taught in public schools.

Genes arrange within a DNA system to conform to the same spectral line arrangement we see in the rainbow. Radioactive atoms broadcast deadly energy. No life will be found in genes affected by this radiation as it is on the other side of the energy curve - not yet ready in the formation process.

Atoms align according to weight and a dozen other factors spelled out in the periodic tables. Radioactive elements formed during the time dimension (halftime equation) will eventually end up as elements of the highest stability. This end state of development is useful for forming living Donut atom clusters called genes. But the [+One] force polarity is reversed in the dual Daleth-Heh dimension to give life to fleshly bodies or plants categorized as organic.

It is the same force from the Heh dimension expressed in neutrinos emanating from the heavenly rainbow above God’s Throne. (Revelation 4) Both alloy combinations form dead or living atoms being divided by a divergent intelligence code to rearrange the polarity of Donut Atoms according to God’s plan operating within the massive universe computer.

Like a flywheel losing inertia with a time dimension factored in, light slows down - a phenomena noticed by Dr. Albert Einstein that turned the world of physics upside down. Infinite light energy is a force like electricity that cannot be measured with physical (Daleth dimension) instruments. If reduced in a Donut atom transformer, it turns on the light in the universe - or in my house, but this force must be connected or scaled down from the source.

It is instantaneous but can be modified in a parabolic time dimension transformer that performs the function of a pendulum in the cuckoo clock. The creation process of the previous formed atoms and molecules shaped through proteins, like alloys formed faster in antiquity but now happen a little slower.

The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) explains it with the 7:5 and 5:7 ratio. It is like everything you can buy in the store was first invented and structured in a blueprint design concept filed in the patent department.

Nothing exists without a plan first to rearrange with something already existing. One invention is on top of anther in what we call high technology, but is only copying what God has embedded in his blueprint most scientists do not even know about. That is the model that the Bible explains, from the creation of the world to the Adam and Eve story.

Who would imagine that Genesis opens the door in simple concepts for ordinary people to understand nuclear physics? If you are not ordinary, you are still an incomplete creation in the making who still needs more of the (+One) force to become a Saint like a butterfly in God’s two cycle creation.

Your will and desire of what you want to be in the future needs to be the added to the opposite polarity force to continue life after the cocoon as the system of conversion forming alloys cannot be changed. We are still in the development stage and not finalized or crystallized. Like a Donut Atom, it requires increasing levels of intelligent instruction. The contract with God continues our existence towards eternal life, which no one is forced to accept, so make sure you accept Jesus’ life insurance promises in the Bible. No one knows how long life will last.

This new agreement satisfies both parties in a contractual arrangement to last forever as spelled out in the Bible, which Satan does not want you to know about. He and his friends will always confuse humanity so that people end up being destroyed like him in a black hole we call hell.

Asking God how is it made is a better solution. It is already written down in the oldest book of this Daleth world in anticipation of our questioning. The Bible with science imparts an understanding from a 360° viewing perspective for a full rounded vision to enjoy.

Genetic structure as a model for Donut Atoms should not be smashed with a cyclotron. That is a pretty stupid way to investigate the [+One] force acting on both organic-inorganic levels and will not discover its secrets.

The Universe Paradox Links to God’s Plan for Humanity

What we see now in the universe are static full grown Galaxies. Galaxies original have grown from a thin donut atom getting bigger adding continually spooning donuts elements being created expanding toward a programmed universe, which surpasses our finite understanding.

But it got stopped by Satan’s rebellion about 4488 BC. That blocked the conversion process to expand and is now frozen in a time dimension a new creation act inserted with two neutrinos in the rainbow spectrum which changed a Daleth dimension linked to the Heh dimension. The understanding about the proliferation and creating new atoms forming galaxies must be seen from the Bible dual perspective. It is like an iceberg mostly underwater out of sight much more is buried as I keep discovering more turning in a 360° viewpoint.

Viewing the sky disclose a mixture of initial galaxies being formed at various stages of growth but the infinite energy got redirected to growing in another Jod dimension we cannot see with our Daleth eyes. The past Heh universes with the many galaxies are still connected to the energy socked to give light like seeing an old movie and viewing a former process of creation. We see some of the final product many cold round planets programmed eventually to have life transferred to and float in space like our earth or moon became a cold sphere.

But it got stopped and turned into an old aged expandable Heh dimension is now condemned to run out of energy ending in Taw zero time according to entropy laws. It is analogue we see winter in nature has come to the Heh dimension when all is dying and now reduced to conforming to the basic two cycle system. In nature we are taught laws which apply to the universe like many apple seeds created for procreation in the lower Daleth dimension now apply to the Heh dimension, too.

In the first cycle, the seed must die like we see in the Daleth dimension but the Heh dimension was the energy source connected to a transformer to reduce the energy to our finite level linked with the Daleth dimension. It was created for a special purpose to create replacement – the Saints. But now too will end in Taw as the Saints are born into the Jod dimension.

A new universe is already being reborn becoming the Jod dimension designed for the Daleth Saints resurrected and transferred to be reborn as tall trees much bigger in splendor on a newly created earth. A new Jod heaven started expanding since Jesus time into a new direction one notch higher level becoming a Jod universe written in the last page of the Bible stated in Revelation 22.

Now the redeemed resurrected Saints previously inoculated against evil will repopulate the new Jod heavens and will no longer be surrounded with wickedness as the angels who rebelled where removed. The Saints have replaced fallen angels and become the guardians to protect a new Jod dimension universe, once again expanding but now protected against future possible rebellion because they learned the lessons from the Satan’s school.

It started in the Daleth time dimension with the selection of the tree “Good and Evil” in the Garden of Eden to be programmed to experience good and evil to learn about the difference and be able to recognize evil and snuff it out in the bud should evil raise its ugly head again.

The Saints’ resurrection represents the top of the creation pyramid in God’s Plan for Humanity and will be noticed by everyone living on earth after 20 September 2015, which is the day of Atonement, a Jewish holiday ending Daniel’s 1,335 days. It is prophesied to explode like a donut atom galaxy with millions of Saints resurrected like the butterflies collected on the Mexican trees, as an example.

Discern nature’s testimony with tens of thousands of butterflies gathered in one place in Mexico, a resurrection model demonstrated for the Saints to understand better the Heh dimension laws. They will be gathered around a new raised Jerusalem prophesied to be lifted up to a high mountain by an earthquake following an asteroid hitting the earth again. Read the history of humanity and future prophecy clearly stated in the Bible and ancient clocks now available in Babushka books detailing God’s Plan for Humanity never preached in church.

Why Does a Universe Exist?

Coming back to our planet parabolic time dimension now hopefully we can understand a mystery force we call gravity linking it with the Heh dimension connected with intelligence, without you have no atom, no donuts not even a party and will remain ignorant believing in fairy tales that if you kiss a frog it will become a handsome prince perhaps can marry my daughter to be happy forever.

Maybe this philosophical path has turned you on to think further as it could be the beginning to become wise leading to Eternal Life. Or please sit in a dark room and look into a candle and watch the light. Then contemplate and try to explain the mystery why the essence of the infinite light in the Heh dimension is replicated in your candle like a transformer into the Daleth dimension.

When God initially created the nuclear apple slice time dimension, he embedded it with intelligence demonstrated in physics of build-in laws programmed to end in a time factor – Taw. That seems to me planned from the beginning. Why would the neutron linked with the Throne pushing the dog protons chasing sideways force with speed of light within the donut slow down?

That is a built-in concept with purpose not random as it can be defined from higher energy speed level must have come first like a gravity flywheel rotating at high speed stores energy releasing it over a period of time getting slower. Therefore, we can think a universe is wound up like a flywheel slowing down light with embedded intelligence. But what is the reason of embedded intelligence everywhere as it is so absolutely fine tuned just using “life” as a criterion.

For life to exist on this earth requires a very narrow bandwidth of conditions that even one percent either way life would be terminated. That knowledge came about when recently a study was made and collected hundred data facts surprising many scientists. It is kept quite devastating for the atheist university establishment creating too many conflicts left with more question to answer in an evolution religion meltdown.

The Bible truly states that it is willful rebellion against God as knowledge exists and can plainly be seen. Putting “life” in the material universe equation than only our existence makes sense because of a divine spirit in us. That special life giving spirit is only borrowed and will return where it came from but have a possibility to extend it to be converted to eternal life on the other butterfly side cycle if we apply God’s rainbow intelligence offered as a special gift in Jesus Christ. Only when divine intelligence is added to the “nothing” is becomes “something.” Those who use God’s provision are wise as the others not caring perish. The survival of the fittest may be true after all.

The time dimension was initiated when the original egg was smashed on the anvil as other universes linked with the Jod dimension can exist without it. Therefore, time is only connected to the Plan of Humanity created on a two stage system like a butterfly, as we too are programmed to go in the cocoon to be resurrected as Saints on the other side the Bible tells.

Every biological ordinary seed demonstrates the same principal repeated a millions time to teach us Heh dimension laws. The parabola time dimension fulcrum is centered on the creator who became mortal in the Daleth dimension BC/AD as even God would or could not change its Daleth dimension laws when he provided atonement to pay for our transgression on the cross. Examining God’s plan for Humanity its time curve was and will again be interrupted by an asteroids mentioned in the Aztec culture and the Bible with three prophesied civilizations ending now dated if we convert ancient clocks to our NASA calendar according to the three finger rule.

The first asteroid appeared 5 February 2287 BC in Noah’s time the only survivor with family building a boat because he listens to what God had said.

The second asteroid was prophesied by the Aztecs and is also found in the Bible read Revelation already mentioned in science magazines 2006 and 2007. It is too scary and conveniently forgotten circling around the sun in an 825 day orbit will arrive projected according to ancient clocks and converted to a NASA calendar discovered 17 September 2015.

The proof we get that time cycles embedded in history guided by a Creator adjusting his schedule looks to me like gears in a clock which must mesh a mathematical phenomena if you want to understand historic time and ancient clocks. The meshed cycles gears matches God’s purpose to the hour even across thousands of years human history too fantastic not to notice, which therefore makes a lot of sense answering the many “Why” question we can raise if your are searching for the reason of your existence or are interested in science.

The third and last asteroid will end our galaxies universe system (3018 AD) as God tells us in Revelation will turn off the switch as all will get dark and cold. The Bible says that the universe will be rolled up like an old blanket which science verified and postulates that the universe is like a wavy carpet. God’s Plan for Humanity has been concluded and ends with another cycle without a time dimension a new earth and new heaven (Jod dimension) was promised by Jesus read Revelation explained in my Babushka books and become informed.

The Rainbow Linked with the 5th Angel

We have investigated the rainbow and its function for the Daleth dimension but one more exist in the Bible applied to the Heh dimension and should be mentioned as it represent the seal of power over God’s Throne. It is used when God gives an order to be implemented like we see over Caesars throne in ancient Rome had an emblem of an eagle which told everybody with that imperial symbol is linked to absolute supreme power nobody could dare to question. The rainbow over God’s Throne represents that same majestic power.

And I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire. He held a little scroll open in his hand. Setting his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, he gave a great shout, like a lion roaring. And when he shouted, the seven thunders sounded. (Revelation 10:1-4)

When science started to be investigated 1900 years ago, the Apostle John was told in Revelation 4 to come up here and “write what you see” and tell people on the Daleth dimension earth what is around the throne in the Heh dimension with the Ancient of Days sitting on it. As a scientist I noticed something familiar describing a rainbow above the heavenly Throne and asked the question, “Why do we have a rainbow in heaven above the Throne?”

It is something we are familiar with and must have been important as it was used earlier in a covenant agreement made with Noah representing Humanity you can read about in the Bible. (Genesis 9:13) How does it connect with science and GMOs?

That would link it with our earth which should be investigated. Then the third witness like [+one] a mighty angel brilliant like the sun surrounded above with a rainbow again described in Revelation 10:1-7, another reference and has a small scroll in his hand meant for the demon underworld. (Matthew 25:41)

Interpreting the Bible for those not familiar the angel with the rainbow over his head comes with an order send from God for the air dimension standing on earth and sea=(Mem) which means the time dimension wrapped in a Daleth clouds dimension linked with a rainbow over his head. He then called aloud and roared like a lion can be heard for miles announcing final judgment has come over the fallen invisible demon angel community vested with power to destroy Satan’s kingdom on earth.

The Apocalypse suffering will be ending on 10 to 17 September 2015 as that week will coexist with an angel coming with a key of the underworld releasing four chained Death angels kept for that moment to appear on earth and do the same job like the first Death angel did to the Egyptian and Pharaoh recorded for us 3,500 years ago by Moses leaving slavery to the Promised Land with the children of Israel. The Hebrew hand rule applied again 1+4=5 which has five angels from the other Heh side and one standing with one leg on the Daleth time dimension purposed with the other leg standing on the declining parabolic time curve linked to earth framing the Daleth dimension side.

Translating for you not familiar with the Bible is a rainbow angel announcing four Death angels appearing around the globe executing all and every invisible evil fallen angel demons since ancient times from the underworld Heh dimension and one third of Humanity population will also be perishing in the Daleth dimension world. The people killed by the death angel do not have God’s mark on their forehead and right hand to be saved to survive the Apocalypse starting another civilization. It is important to be sealed and protected again with a blood covenant like in ancient Egyptian times experienced by Israel but now with a new blood covenant of Jesus for the Death angels to make a decision to pass you over. ([Matthew 26:28)

The blood sacrifice covenant became again the sign for the angel to “pass over” executing totally the atheistic Beast system governed by a demonic angelical air dimension ruled by Satan now destroyed by a mighty angel linked with the rainbow force over his head coming from the infinite light from the Heh dimension. (Revelation 9:14)

Check it out I told you about not fairy tales but God’s Word, which can be trusted to tell the truth if you want to survive the Apocalypse 7 years [2008-2015] sealed and projected from ancient clocks and Bible prophecy embedded in HANS. That will end all corrupted politicians and atheistic scientist and everybody else not having been sealed by God’s Holy Sprit. Make sure you have the seal to survive hell on earth like in Noah’s days Atlantis civilization which ended with an asteroid, too.

If the idea of a Death angel seems too preposterous than read throughout the Bible they are mentioned like starting out in the Garden Eden to kill anyone entering the Garden forbidden to have access to the “Tree of Life.” Guarding the entrance with a long sword made from iron not invented yet by Humanity.

Adam much more intelligent using 95% more of his brain learned quickly to use such unknown metals and make tools and music instruments very useful from iron and bronze recorded in Genesis check it out. Reading further in the Bible we find more references God uses a Death angel for his administration regulating his Plan for Humanity.

As an example a Syrian king got acquainted with a Death angel surrounding Jerusalem to conquer to find out 186,000 of his seasoned soldiers all dead the next day. A prophet in another time gets help again two times 50 soldiers killed by a death angel coming to kidnap the prophet against God’s will. The list goes one not writing too much diverting time to learn about an atom donut theory. Just remember we need two or [+one] witnesses what we postulate or it becomes opinions which could change with the political-theological weather. Reading historical events from the Bible should settle our question if connected with witnesses like the Chronicles reported of a King David. (1Chronicles 21:15) These are facts we can trust. Again the Death angel can be stopped by a blood sacrifice covenant - the condition of God’s justice system.

Summing up Rainbow Intelligence

The rainbow above God’s Throne is linked with the Donut Atom theory ending with a concept how the universe was created. We have learned that the speed of light was higher at the beginning of Humanity changing a time dimension recorded by ancient people leaving us knowledge embedded in mystery clocks exhibited around the world in museums like the stone Aztec clock or bronze geared Antikythera calculator. They tell us from their perspective thousand years later a technology not understood by modern science ignorant of a previous spin orbit of our earth which was reported by the Aztec in ancient times with 52,000 cycles.

Measuring ancient time cycles obviously was different comparing our NASA calendar but matches ancient clocks as a system which explains logical a spin axis of our earth prior to Noah Atlantis civilization. That linked it with the discovery of a parabolic time concept of prehistoric ages. Postulating further to find that the faster speed of light in the energy equation is producing higher levels of oxygen as a fuel converting biological larger cells in vegetation and animals including man as fossilized human and animal bones prove. We get more proof by examining various geology layers coal or shale under a microscope and will notice embedded biological plants and fossil bones reveal larger cells. The higher availability of double oxygen fuel triggered by a higher speed of light never explained in science to my knowledge.

Investigating the geological records and comparing it with the human history of the Bible reveals a world calendar now fine-tuned by a NASA calendar which can measure a changing time pretty accurate. That calendar dating from about 4068 BC is coinciding with the incredible growth period of vegetation plant life seen embedded in coal seams but is matching much shorter time cycles mentioned by the ancient civilization and ignored by an atheistic geological science department and theologians not reading the Bible and ancient books from a HANS perspective. God’s Plan for Humanity calendar cycles reveals prolific biological growth on this planet for about 420 years as God visited our earth with a Heh dimension dome from space. It correspond to the seven day creation cycles where each day is 70 Georgian years long confused theologian do not know about it and should read what is embedded in Genesis revealing a hidden calendar converted now fine-tuned by NASA to our present earth solstice orbit system.

When we investigate a universe with the Hubble telescope many opinions rage from different corners, none has a good record based on so many fairy tales. Heated debates are mostly one sided and dead-end because of a paradox. That can only be overcome by using a dual rail approach and include the Bible. Seeing it from that perspective the paradox now aligns with my atom donut theory and will make perfect logical sense.

The majorities of cosmology scientists are persuaded and postulate that the universe is expanding. That gave reason for a red shift theory provided that the speed of light is constant. That theory is falling fast apart out of favor with new discoveries which makes this theory obsolete. That causes an atheistic evolution religion meltdown and will be interest to see how they weasel out and come up with another fairy tale.

Then there are other cosmological scientists who believe in a static universe, which is now in a frozen state contrary to the expansion opinions. They compare the universe to a flywheel slowing down with a time dimension proven by Dr. Albert Einstein. He noticed that the speed of light is not constant but changes in a gravitational field accelerated or decelerates in a time dimension. Since we have millions of gravitational fields to go around and navigate on the straight line projection. That would mean distant galaxies explained with a red shift cannot possible exist. That gave reason to hypothesize that there must be more than one level for the universe.

That latest thinking reading science magazine is expanded to multiple universe dimensions now the newest four dimensions as the math equation still does not match so many calculations. However we read in the Bible that we have only three dimensions expressed in HANS as Daleth-Heh–Jod.

The unknown Jod dimension was introduced by Jesus’ Resurrection reported in the Bible to notice that the physical laws are different what we experience on the Daleth [in this world, in this time] dimension but otherwise some seems the same we familiar with. That difference was reported by eyewitnesses in the Gospels very obvious if you are educated from an unbiased school system. Jesus demonstrated the unknown Jod dimension after his resurrection by walking through walls like a spirit but eating fish like a mortal.

Then immediately later, Jesus was seen in different location still communicating the same way being visible than invisible at same instant demonstrating a different time dimension. Having a human body which was touched by an unbelieving Thomas looked normal to everybody in the upper room agreed but later floating in the air defying gravity seen by 500 eyewitnesses and many more.

Thinking about the primary Heh (the other side) dimension and changing in a Jod dimension is embedded in my donut theory really making more logical sense than what is explained from so many quarters none have any answers how it connects with an atom. However balancing out the controversy in a paradox with the Bible we will find out that both viewpoints are correct only the sequence is a little different. Those universe concepts do not run in parallel but are sequential starting from the dynamic past was then frozen by a major cosmic event which became static future universe not original planned. But still must conform to atom donut laws on both sides not obsolete must be linked with Bible history God’s Word matching geology in a 360° projection movie. My new atom donut theory therefore applies to both theories and can explain the paradox from a dual perspective better balanced.

If you further have an interest of another perspective understanding the time dimension like a Triune finger rule linked with gravity, there is a Babushka Book #3 describing ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums now deciphered why they where build. There you can become familiar with my version of a parabolic time dimension connected with ancient bronze-gold clocks scientist failed to explain it. That is another discovery never mentioned in science, which again would throw out the whole shamazzle of the present atheistic worldview of the how we perceive the universe.

When all is said and done not believing in a creator needs powerful lawyers to argue like O. J. Simon a murderer proven later in the second court, but got away demonstrating and convincing gullible people that the glove does not fit. So the expert scientist will argue endless about a fairy tale evolution theory like the glove does not fit with a new donut theory and use the same method clever lawyers argue about but everybody knew they where brazenly lying shown on TV.

I am certain if you reflect on my conclusion in conflict with most evolution religion enforced by a controlling priesthood entrenched in universities. That spoils it for me getting a Nobel Prize trophy should be considered to make my bank account positive proving science. My Donut Atom story is viewed from a 360° Bible perspective and hope it widened your knowledge horizon and leads you to find a treasure God wants to give you free of charge Eternal Life born for the Jod dimension. Read some more as I included a roadmap for you to be considered in my appendix chapter.

The picture is Shoemaker-Levy hitting Jupiter. It is an imprint of our donut theory model illustrating gravity bunched energy frequency caused by dog positrons demonstrate in my paper disk crossover spiral model chasing and repelling positrons creating cluster mass photographed in this picture.

Astronomers remap Milky Way, Science News June 21,2008

Galaxy Bulges in its Middle, new evidence suggest growth from the inside out, by Ron Cowen, SCIENCE NEWS, February 28, 2009. Astronomers captured the first snapshot of the formation of a galaxy’s bulge J114816.64+525150.3

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