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Babushka Book Concepts:
7,000 Years of History



My Babushka books tracts knowledge from the Heh and Daleth dimension and is scaled to make it understandable for people usually only hearing atheistic fairy tales to reveal the real truth. It is explained in simple science analogies that God is not a figment of our imagination and has planned his universe not random but in a logical order.

I am encouraged after reading a well-written magazine article. Every now and then once comes around to the logical conclusion of the oblivious: the universe must have been designed just for us, if we put life in the equation. “Life” is like naming God without actually doing so. There must have been a generator assembling it all around us. Read that lengthy article, which is a fresh breeze from a stale university atmosphere of foolishly repeated fairy tales. It seems that magazines are the only textbooks left open as a forum to express ideas not controlled by the evolution religion priesthood.

Three years ago first when God got me off the hot tub with parties playing accordion concerts in my barn and dancing German polkas with friends sampling the pinot wine from my vineyard, I did not realize its implication ending up with 6 Babushka books writing about science and theology not being educated what is now presented.

At first resisted costing much of my retirement but now see the puzzle picture assembled as all was inspired not being educated but willing to get up every morning at 4 am and write a page at a time God inspiring. That stopped parting for a while friends no longer coming don’t like hearing about an Apocalypse now dated but worse not successful but was censured and rejected by theologian and pastors fearing revenue loss. Noah’s friends and relative joking about a crazy man building an ark not even looks like a boat far away from water–all perished. But six Babushka books tell a lot of information explaining the Bible from a scientific perspective as they became the bridge for three civilizations connecting with God’s plan for Humanity.

If you remember the first civilization started in 4004 BC ended in 21 December 2288 BC. The Second civilization will end 21 December 2015 projected by clock gears. The third will end 9th Av 3018 according to HANS. Check out the dating math in ancient clocks, the Hebrew Alphabet number system (HANS) and compare it with prophesy of the Bible the big egg scientist too proud to read it not having God’s Spirit embedded to understand.

However, if you are tired to be educated in fairy tales and have a need to straighten out your life, God invites people to consider the implications of the Apocalypse. Most will not survive like in Noah’s days when an asteroid hit the earth starting the Ssecond Civilization. We all must enter the cocoon sooner or later but what kind of butterfly just in case is your decision emerging that is the million dollar question.

Previously, I was complaining to God that it was not fair that I was born without my permission to experiencing much terrible evil survived in the midst of World War II with painful memories and disappointments mostly suffering. But God’s grace gave me a second chance and taught me where “I “ could make a decision not my parents to accept what God offered Eternal Life in bliss or opt out and ask Mercy unto Death to be dissolved in the universe melting imploding, the infinite light switched off.

Consider God experienced no different to our pain and suffering tasted the same and became mortal, experience horrible treatment from friends and foe left alone forsaken even by his father and in anguish cried out on the cross brutally beaten up why have “you” forsaken me? That “You” I changed applied to “me.”

Giving up being creator and emperor of all what exist to pay my transgression debt to make me free of the laws demand was the ultimate love expressed. The Rainbow over the Throne of Heh dimension or the White Judgment Throne on the end of time dimension is our choice of destination as I and everybody born in the Daleth dimension must make a decision either eternal Life in the Jod dimension or Death ending with the Daleth dimension no longer existing dissolved not even molecules remaining with no memories ever to have lived. It is like untimely fetus which had possibilities hoped for by the one expecting but never was born again in the Jod dimension.

I urge you that you would investigate with an open mind and opt for life and make the right choice for your destiny. The Apocalypse is certain collected 66 mathematical proof to many for simple minded people but nevertheless gives us hope for some being appointed avoiding the Passover death and enter in God’s Kingdom to start a new righteous civilization. Satan’s school to test us with evil will be closed forever no longer needed as the Saints are now born again resurrected in a new Jod dimension. However the prince of evil is chained in prison as a lone survivor left over from the Fifth angel doing his duty of death and finds himself now in darkness prison for 1,000 years to show him on television what a good life it could have been for him before he is executed for his crimes. Follow the right person and be a winner.

Following are two tables on the appendix never published in universities or theological institution which shows two perspective of God’s Plan for Humanity on a dual railroad; one from the Daleth perspective the other from the Heh perspective. The one comes from stone-bronze-gold calendar clocks exhibited in museums the other is from the Rosetta Stone of the Bible prophecy now deciphered all matching to one day and hour. Read Babushka books for more information.

The Jod Dimension of Heaven

Everybody has a different opinion of heaven or a multi layered universe one of the greatest mystery. That will be revealed to us when we go into the cocoon. That is the final test of our faith and will surprise everybody I am sure.

As you read a new Donut Atom theory I learned along the road looking at the universe and see it now a little differently too so late in my life how it could fit in the many concepts the big “I AM” creator of the universe and its counterpart “let us make man in our image”.

Basically there are two players’ which make a story with only one focal point where everything else is secondary. Think the place of action is like a chess game but is multi leveled with eight chess boards stuck on top of each other like a cubed box. Looking up at the transparent vertical chess board we need to add eight soldiers each party player is stationed one on the top the other on the bottom now play the game with the same rules like Heh and Daleth.

Adam must have played that cubit chess game with God in the Garden of Eden as he was able to play using more of his inbuilt brain capacity to have fun with God now reduced for me and you to 5% not having the privilege playing with God could have some fun too. It would take a little more time now to play that chess game a little slower for each move controlled by a parabola time dimension embedded in my brain now much slower.

In our modern technology the next TV is no longer a box or screen we will have three dimensional TV anyplace in your living room center playing a three dimensional miniature movie replicated by three colored laser beams boxes mounted high in your corner living room coming together in one point. When the projected beam hit each other we see a mini spark. If you move million sparks a second we have a three dimensional colored image.

Therefore, we could play three dimensional chess in an eight layered box projected in the middle of our living room. Since we have air molecules inside the box all what we need to do highlight some air donut atoms with a lacer beam light and when is glows so many sparks will project a figure which can be moved to the next cubic mini box as the game has [8x8x8] = 512 cubit mini-boxes. Each chess figure will reflect light differently when you push a button with different colors to identify where they are in the middle of the multi level cube box chess game.

So think that is a good model for our universe a three dimensional Donut with different layers of a fog chamber full of atoms suspended. Hold that idea as we need another to have a dual rail concept again. Recently read in a magazine of a new DVD disk format using different laser colors would increase the storage capacity of bytes a thousand times. That would mean on the same disk would be thousand movies stockpiled.

Let’s expand on that idea. I saw movies of a time machine where a modern city with skyscrapers with a park of ancient ruins on top of a hill rolled back a time dimension and projected ancient life of different people. The building and temple ruins now stood upright being original build and people walking about to end further down in time with the first settlement of Humanity. So showing a past going into the present in a certain historic time and do it in a movie we can do with a whole country or a whole universe.

A thousand historic life stories can exist simultaneously only played back at a different laser color dimension frequency on a DVD disk. Just click the control switch and see the movie of any century and learn more how people coped with life. In a 360° movie you would be right in the middle of the action experiencing all the difficulties of life and get involved even with feeling the pain of death as I have seen many crying in an old-fashioned European film. That idea will be played out with you the main player on the last day of your life before God’s movie projector all recorded on a DVD God invented.

When scientist talks about that dark energy in the universe with 70% not seen they feel intuitively that there must be something more. From a science perspective our earth-universe only exists because what we can see is only visible in the spectrum of seven rainbow color light. God’s house universe is in the infinite color spectrum therefore invisible to us another level. The Heh dimension where the angels live is another color spectrum all existing on a different DVD layer and having houses like we have within the same box of God’s Movie Theater on the same disk only recorded on a different track or place.

The same atom environment in space may exist and can be used as a medium for everybody like my living room will show invisible atoms or evenly dispensed fog inside the box scientist postulate surrounded by a cloud of 70% dark energy disbursed invisible to our eyes. But different light frequency could make visible certain atoms forming objects using a lacer beam instrument highlighting with a spark moving fast projecting an image stored what was all along inside the atomic fog chess box universe.

Learning about physics in certain application darkness is no problem using infrared goggles you can see the presence of people moving in the dark clearly seen look like spirits the rest kept in darkness not reflecting the selected frequency measuring only heat. The Bible is just another goggle to highlight our invisible existence and should therefore not throw out the ancient book from the class room written by 40 witnesses by our education department not educated to find out how it works.

Religion is mostly a hunch that there is more as it is connected with the other frequency we call the invisible spirit we all have but cannot define it with Daleth laws. So if Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is among you or inside us that could mean just change the frequency bathed in the same atom fog environment existing evenly disbursed inside the same invisible atom-gravity-magnetism fog room we name it the universe. As most by nature we all know is not visible to us because of an unknown frequency could penetrate the dense vapor atom fog chess box universe.

Jesus tells us in many analogies what the kingdom is like and describes the next-door frequency world. Therefore keep searching what the Bible tells us from the other side because Jesus informs us that this life is not all what we see with our eyes but could be extended into another dimension like the butterfly cycle if you use what is offered in the Bible by just switching to the theology channel. A two rail is better for balance another story comes to mind explaining the two dimension perspective interacting side by site explaining a universe chess box system.

The Bible if full of examples like telling us of a Syrian king being ticked off every time he planed an attack on Israel his plan was revealed beforehand getting beat-up. Than was told there is a prophet in Israel who is spilling the beans. That caused a thousand soldiers to show up surrounding the prophet to fetch him closing down the information highway to the king of Israel.

The servant of the prophet was horribly scared and lamented that their lives were ended, being surrounded with no escape. Than the prophet Elisha said do not worry we are a lot more and better equipped than the enemy army surrounding us. The servant said how that can be thinking his old master must have flipped. Than the prophet asked the Lord open his eyes to see. There he saw twice an angelic army fiery wagon and horses from heavenly angel host with swords and weapon ready to fight. The outcome read the Bible story. But notice two dimension in parallel only on a different frequency prevented by the Daleth eyes see the other side.

Therefore the universe dimension is among us not out there far away if we just could utilize the same atom structures highlighted with a different frequency recorded on a live DVD track layer and activate it on a different energy level and seeing it through a multilayer medium atom fog chess box. It needs only a different frequency like analogue infrared sees heat radiating from some living being or like a snake sees a mouse in total darkness.

Truly the universe so far and big could fit inside a DVD disk placed in a one pound coffee container have many universe levels played out surrounded with the same fog atom medium with instruments like an I-Pod or some other not invented yet but can be seen by different frequencies coexisting side by side never interfering with each other. Like a pointed laser beam spark gives us a show of eternity on a multi-level chess game cube board recorded in the Bible.

My Babushka books hopefully opened up a horizon portraying what was outside our mortal frequency range. Take it from here and follow the same exiting journey to discover more and click the right channel to learn about God’s Plan for Humanity on a Bible centered frequency to explain the purpose of our existence movie from the other side. The atoms in the box maybe the same only the frequency needs changing visiting another universe dimension.

Or ponder the thought when science postulates that if an atom is the size of a cherry the next electron circling around would be two miles away and could connect as one single atom to our sun. That sounds like an invisible highway connecting one atom particle with another by a mystery force we call gravity. Than explained further if you reduced the empty space of all the atoms next to each other than the whole universe would fit inside a one pound coffee container on a future DVD I am sure a lot hotter and heavier and needs Kelvin to cool it down.

The Heh dimension control room of the real inner you is not somewhere out there in space but inside you just another universe dimension on a different frequency and will be played back on a DVD the last day on earth in God’s presence. The final chapter of God’s creation for an expanding Jod dimension is still in the making. I wrote some free ranging ideas down that are too far out for theologians that will be covered in Pearl Forum #200. How will God’s Plan for Humanity be continued on a resurrection level into a Jod dimension? That will be so much different, and the Bible strongly indicates that God continues his plan for an expanding universe.

The methods will be changed but not much about them has been revealed in the Bible; however, the Daleth overlay using HANS can gives us many possibilities. From them we can get a good picture and postulate opinions, as a scientist would, concerning what God’s secret might be. The Bible states he has prepared a place for us too great and complex to describe.

There are many more pearls in the ocean waiting to be discovered by those who like to dive and take the time. It is fun for one, but not, perhaps, for someone else. Therefore, I conclude my Donut Atom story with a question left open. Life is still a great mystery defining God. Check out the other Pearls on the web site for more information intended to widen our horizons. It is still a great mystery defining Life and God.

Final Chapter of God’s Plan for Humanity

Let’s go back once more to the beginning of time when God revealed his plan to the angels to expand the universe and populate it with people. Throughout the universe, most angels got excited and rejoiced.

That is recorded for us in the Bible in Job 38:7. It caused enthusiasm to watch God create a garden in a suitable place where controlled energy from a fiery star, our sun, could fuel the whole biosystem we know as earth. Then he crowned it with the promise of a future humanity starting with Adam and Eve. All the angels watched this new creation act with passion discovering God’s dream in action with people to populate a massive universe.

But Lucifer was not too happy when he learned that he would not be in charge over that new development. He realized once that idea was growing he would no longer be number ONE and would need to share the government with inferior humans. His pride led him to undermine God’s authority and create a ruckus with his friends that ended up as open rebellion, which temporarily shut down God’s government. This rebellion mandated a change in God’s original plan for the universe.

God removed the rebellious angels from his throne room and went on with his modified plan already started by creating life on earth. Since Adam and Eve in the garden were caught in the conflict, the Creator needed to be fair and give them a choice of whether they wanted to live in the material earthly Daleth or Heh dimension. God’s original plan included both dimension. To make it simple, he put two trees in the center of the garden and waited to see their decision.

But remember the consequences. There are two dimensions, but they could only choose one. The Daleth dimension was originally programmed to expand and multiply. In this book we have learned about the donut atom model with five color bands moving across the atom slices created by fast expanding donut atoms. That created bigger fuel cells growing according to a expanding universe model. But that changed when the couple decided they were not interested in Heh dimension life and settled down to a reduced lifestyle as Eve wanted to have children like the animals surrounding them.

God’s original idea seemed too far fetched and incomprehensible. Living in a protected garden was nice and satisfying. Not being experienced and lacking knowledge of the universe, they only recognized that there were other creatures somehow connected to the plan of God. The rest of God’s management and future planning you can read in Apocalypse Prophesied, From Eden to the New Jerusalem: God’s Plan for Humanity.

When God saw that the couple was not interested in his future plan, he modified the system by inserting a time dimension on earth with an extra pearl on either side of the 5 color rainbow spectrum - two neutrinos above his throne to provide the energy for the entire Heh dimension universe. That would slow down the Daleth dimension until enough saints were born in six Heh days. A last Heh day of 1,000 earth years is yet to start, which to continue his original plan with resurrected beings immunized against evil so that there will never be another great rebellion causing disharmony in the community of elect and universe. When the future Saints born from Adam and Eve are resurrected in the Jod dimension, then God’s full plan will be revealed again never to be forgotten.

A New Beginning

After the resurrection, a big party will take place where the Saints will get acquainted with each other and learn about how people lived in different centuries. There will be especially keen interest in meeting the Old Testament Saints only familiar from the Bible.

Since the beginning of human history, many have wondered what will come next after that resurrection party. God has always known what has ever been in everyone’s mind. He will ask the Saints, “Who will do me a favor to continue my plan for the universe with some choices with consequences I want you to make? It is more fun to make it together. Being involved and busy makes for a great life of purpose.

Lucifer and the angels were given two choices in the Heh dimension at the initial announcement of God’s plan to create a universe to be populated. Satan and the rebellious angels chose wrongly with an eventual consequence of total failure and their destruction in the Lake of Fire.

Then Adam and Eve were given two choices at the beginning of this present age (Daleth dimension) which will end at the same time as Satan’s judgment. That gift of two choices also ended with Adam-Eve’s failure.

Soon Jesus will give the Saints two choices again in the Jod dimension as all life must be based on love and understanding freely given without reservation in trusting each other. That is new to many, but it is the fundament to all relationships between persons for all eternity. But this time there will be no failures: all will get it right. Jesus will say, “Just look at my hands and see the wounds I received to tell you I loved you so very much.”

At that special party I am sure that God will reveal his plan for the new expanding universe, which was interrupted at the very beginning but is now back on track. All along God has desired the creation of a new Jod dimension. Because of the painful lessons humanity has learned from experiencing sin, suffering and death, that new creation will be much better prepared for the Saints and their redeemed friends coming from the Second Resurrection.

My ideas about what God will say next is just an opinion, but what can be seen in nature is what exists in heaven: the Heh dimension was replicated in the Daleth on earth to teach us heavenly things for those interested in science and the Bible.

Pictures from the Hubble telescope show a vast, expanding universe that must have come into being by purpose. It witnesses that God is infinitely great. He can never be fully comprehended: those who search are always discovering something new. I feel that there is an experience we all missed in the Daleth dimension that was unique to Adam and Eve: they fell in love with each other so completely and perfectly without the sin and failure mixed in. When Adam saw Eve, he was enthralled as both knew no sin. That would be my wish, too, to fall in love with God perfectly – just once to fall in love with the perfect ecstasy one only reads in poetry books.

I think God will tell the Saints to pick for themselves beautiful mates from among the resurrected ones. Thus, the Saints will be paired again, to truly live happily forever after. They will love each other and procreate again, having children as God originally planned for Adam and Eve if they had chosen the Heh dimension Tree of Life. Again, this is personal speculation, but I am sure these offspring will be sexless beings like the angels; themselves unable to procreate because they are not inoculated against evil. God does not want another Luciferian rebellion to again disturb the Jod dimension.

The birth of children again is a privilege only for the Saints who are inoculated against evil to avoid trouble in the future. They are royal children having the [+one] force imbedded directly from the Creator. That will open up creativity embedded like father to son with identical spiritual genetics like the Aleph [+One] neutrino polarity now continued in the Saints. That way, being linked with the Creator will control population increase in the kingdom yet share God’s creative plan as continued on some planets elsewhere in other galaxies.
I have taken these concepts from the natural world. The basic principles I am using are illustrated by the honeybees or ants. Each couple and friends together will venture to different planets somewhere in the universe and plant gardens to start out the Jod-Life according to the model recorded in Genesis. It will be Adam and Eve replicated in many instances.

We will have all received new Jod-bodies. We will look forward to seasonal visits from God and his entourage with great anticipation. He will visit from time to time in his headquarters, royal number ONE pyramid space city. The Saints will report what is going on in planet x7777xxzzzx and hear about what is happening elsewhere in the universe.

God’s visit will be a big occasion for our angel-like children to celebrate. Everyone will be interested in reports of shared experiences from other galaxies and similar planets populated by expanding family kingdom of God. God will advise on how to rule wisely and prevent evil from developing again. Each planetary team will need to be on guard so as not to ruin their homes, their own place in the universe. The Saints must rule their realms with wisdom to enjoy an abundant life without death and sickness, never growing old, as the universe is very, very big and still expanding. Then, God will remove the two neutrinos in the rainbow above his throne and restore what was originally planned because the time dimension is no more.

God will be around and not lost in space. He likes to have a party in our kingdom together. Perhaps we will play chess on an eight layered cube chessboard that will be more interesting to play. This ends my story of God’s Plan for Humanity, which is never preached in church. It also gives me hope of a future possibility:I greatly desire to be loved by a woman with children surrounded, have a garden with a vineyard, barn and hot tub again, playing accordion with my friends.

Basel Jesus E∞ = m (+∞C / –∞C)²



(2Kings 6:8-17)

A Universe Built For Us –Our cosmos seems inexplicable well designed for life. That’s because nature had 10500 tries to get it right. Tim Folger, Discover Magazine December 2008

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