Selected Tables


History Tables of God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Humanity


Congratulations, dear reader! If you read the entire story, it is like finishing a class at God’s school. Museum’s employ specially trained people who handle precious objects with white gloves. They were trained and approved by the management. Even under supervision, no visitor is allowed to touch rare museum artifacts unless he or she understands its value.

Being a Saint is a favored position. A Saint is one in ten thousand believers. If you imagine visiting God’s future museum, the Saints are the ones privileged to have a key to the museum door. There will be many objects exhibited from the old Daleth dimension to remind people in the Jod dimension what it was like having lived through days of rebellion. God only reveals his precious creation story to very few who are appointed to become wise in this age.

By reading this story of God’s Plan for Humanity, you have been given an opportunity for that great honor because you are special to him. Make use of it and keep the treasure. I would like to see you on the other side to welcome you through the eternity door to everlasting life. That door is Jesus. He is the only way through.


22 HANS Dates in Human History

Donut Detector


Nuclear Particles Table


7,000-Year Table of Human History

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